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Amid the rubble of crumbling concrete
a seed, unwittingly sown, sends its tender shoots
pushing toward love’s light.

Ever so gently, but with iron purpose
does it break up the stones of a hardening heart
on a journey to greet the sun.

Fragile roots probe the source of being
to draw nourishment from wellsprings
that lie hidden from self awareness.

Until finally, a single triumphant bud
unfurls its petals in full beauty
to herald a new season.

The first sign of spring has arrived
after the fruitless winter of my selfish youth…..

My ...

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Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus on dashboards and in celluloids
Expressionless face mouthing great wisdom in monotone
Hanging from a cross of suffering as though in peaceful slumber
His heart and soul of passion displayed without emotion
Biblical words but a weak reflection of His true meaning.

This is not my Lord and my God
Who is great beyond mere man’s ability to depict
This is not His message which cannot be contained by human language