Deepak Manchanda of Delhi

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Deepak Manchanda of Delhi Poems

1. As I Sat Down... 8/3/2012
2. Just One 8/3/2012
3. Hesitations 8/3/2012
4. Luck Was Going The Other Way 8/3/2012
5. Kismet Doosre Raaste Ja Rahi Thi 8/16/2012
6. Seat Spare 8/28/2012
7. Uncle Ji 10/2/2012
8. Light Up 10/2/2012
9. He Who 10/14/2012
10. What The Word! 10/14/2012
11. Attention Please * 10/20/2012
12. Ek Fresh Soch 11/5/2012
13. Not An Issue 7/26/2013
14. Its Been Found 8/3/2012
15. Life Manual 2/13/2014
16. There Was 7/2/2014
17. When I Am Famous 7/7/2015
18. A Pack Of Lies 7/12/2015
19. Pata Chala Hai 7/13/2015
20. Mairay After - Or When I Am Gone 8/2/2015
21. Did You Do? 8/5/2015
22. A Very Straight Line 1/11/2017
23. Ek Aam 8/15/2017
24. Life In Color 8/15/2017
25. Maun Fully Speaking 3/24/2019
26. Seventy? Who? Me? 9/5/2019
27. Waiting For The Light* To Change 6/14/2013
28. A B And C 9/4/2012
29. True 8/3/2012
30. Hello, Love 8/3/2012
31. Curiousity 8/11/2012
32. Ek Din Mairay Vichaar Mein 7/31/2017
33. One Day In My Mind 7/31/2017
34. Look! 7/13/2015
35. If Any 6/18/2015
36. Captive 8/26/2012
37. The Dead Cat 9/4/2013
38. My Office Has Many Doors 8/21/2012
39. I Am The Idea 8/3/2012
40. Between You And Me 6/30/2019

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  • Www. (9/3/2012 9:39:00 AM)

    Deepak Manchanda is an Indian poet writing in English with ease and a comfort level not often experienced by many over this forum. The poems of Mr Deepak reflect an attitude based on unique social observation bereft of confounded arguments or biased philosophy. Matching with the poems which have already created an impression of comparative qualitative upsurge, I hope Mr Deepak will enlighten us with good poetry ahead too.

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Best Poem of Deepak Manchanda of Delhi

Between You And Me

Between you and me
In all these years
That have been
There has come to live,
A poem.

A poem
I can sometimes glimpse
And sometimes hear its whisper
Or simply feel it watching us
And hurriedly scampering away

Between you and me
There has come to live
A poem.
That appears
When I see you sip the wine
And chuckle into the phone
As you absently twirl
A strand of hair.

A poem
That permeates
The yours affectionately
Dishes of crumble and cream

A poem that lives between us
That sometimes
Grows into poetry
As ...

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As I Sat Down...

As I sat down to pray today
Santi om mani padme hum
Came a voice thru the sky
Do you need a home to buy?
Peace be upon you I said
You sir have a fine day

As I sat down to paint today
Cherry red splashed on gouache of leaf green

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