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Between you and me
In all these years
That have been
There has come to live,

Born in the womb of your creativity
I am the Line
Lovingly caressed by your hands
Slim; smooth; shapely.

My office has many doors
Doors that open
Doors that do not

The cat
Lay dead in the middle of the VIP road
Blood gore and splat

Ek din achaanak
Mairay vichaar mein
Woh tappak padi

One day, suddenly
In my mind
She appeared

State clearly here below
In block letters neatly in black
Your earned or worthy
Or given and


My wise friend said
If you want to stop just living
And get a life

Wisps of floating white cloud
In the stark blue sky

Green sprouting seedling

Once in a very Important Fraction
A B and C went over X Y and Z
In a bid that would Divide
And Bracket the Result

To far-off, dark Deep Space
Of whatever kind you have in your mind
Dial One for Curiosity

Back when telephones were still heavy black
Dials were round and the operator interrupted
"Three minutes over"
We said hello.


It is true
But the truth it isn't

It is true when it is -

In the dust and din of the day
Amidst the traffic at the crossing of roads
Staring far into the potholed road ahead
I met a man drumming his fingers

Water, you see is God’s will
Our constituency is thirsty
You can find your own of course


It's been known.
It's been found.
A wrong has certainly been done.
But no one really is in the wrong.

That seat in front
This one on the other side
Those others all around
Filling up fast

Line ke peeche se aakar
Pehle apni hi baat sunaakar
Sab kuch apne liye hi chaahte ho
Uncle ji kya yeh hai sahi?

Our heads almost touching
Our hands the other's cupping
We strike a match
And light up!


He Who
Walks with a boyish spring
In his step
He Who

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Between You And Me

Between you and me
In all these years
That have been
There has come to live,
A poem.

A poem
I can sometimes glimpse
And sometimes hear its whisper
Or simply feel it watching us
And hurriedly scampering away

Between you and me
There has come to live
A poem.
That appears
When I see you sip the wine
And chuckle into the phone
As you absently twirl
A strand of hair.

A poem
That permeates
The yours affectionately
Dishes of crumble and cream

A poem that lives between us
That sometimes
Grows into poetry
As you shadow your eyes
And put on some shimmer
Spray some fragrance
To make poetry take wing
With dinner for two
Or maybe more.

Happy birthday to you, Punu
To you and to that which lives between us.

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Deepak Manchanda is an Indian poet writing in English with ease and a comfort level not often experienced by many over this forum. The poems of Mr Deepak reflect an attitude based on unique social observation bereft of confounded arguments or biased philosophy. Matching with the poems which have already created an impression of comparative qualitative upsurge, I hope Mr Deepak will enlighten us with good poetry ahead too.

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Deepak Manchanda of Delhi Popularity

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