Deepak Manchanda of Delhi

Deepak Manchanda of Delhi Poems

Between You And Me

Between you and me
In all these years
That have been
There has come to live,

I Am The Idea

Born in the womb of your creativity
I am the Line
Lovingly caressed by your hands
Slim; smooth; shapely.

My Office Has Many Doors

My office has many doors
Doors that open
Doors that do not

The Dead Cat

The cat
Lay dead in the middle of the VIP road
Blood gore and splat

Ek Din Mairay Vichaar Mein

Ek din achaanak
Mairay vichaar mein
Woh tappak padi

Deepak Manchanda of Delhi Comments

Deepak Manchanda is an Indian poet writing in English with ease and a comfort level not often experienced by many over this forum. The poems of Mr Deepak reflect an attitude based on unique social observation bereft of confounded arguments or biased philosophy. Matching with the poems which have already created an impression of comparative qualitative upsurge, I hope Mr Deepak will enlighten us with good poetry ahead too.

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Deepak Manchanda of Delhi Popularity

Deepak Manchanda of Delhi Popularity