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My ambition in life
  Is to live you see,
And be just what God
  would have me be.

I love my children, oh, so much.
  I love them better than tongue can tell
But I love them and let them be,
  Some day they will make me proud, you see.

Dear children, in all the years gone by
  I can not say but this,
That you have been my stay in life
  Something akin to bliss.

May day is coming
  When all will be gay,
‘Twil be fun and frolic
  All the live, long day.

Can a spider fly?  
Now I wonder why. 
If not. How do they get so very high?  
And swing their webs, from tree to tree,  

Autumn again is here
Beautiful Autumn!
The best time of the year
Beautiful Autumn!

There's joy in the fleecy clouds 
There's joy in the sky. 
There's joy in a fishing trip
Even tho the babies cry.

While through this vale of isles we roam
  Beneath the blue of a welcome dome,
We can only marvel, at the miracles wrought
  Through natures lessons, that are daily taught.

The golden summer's waning
Late flowers weave and nod,  
The golden skies are fading
Who changes them? Our God.

I cannot think of 
My friends as dead,  
Who walk with me
No more. 

When the sun has set
And the lights are low
The remaining shadows
Seem loathe to go.

Hello! Nora! Hello! Gertie, too!
Hello, Eliza, and Birtha Dean!
Sarah, Eve, and Alice, all,
Who hath my seat-mates been.

A big polecat came visiting 
Our chicken coop one night,  
But to awaken my husband from sleep
Usually meant a tongue fight.

Daily, hourly, as we live, we meet
Different phases of life,
New revelations, deceit
Sham, and shallowness,


Oh! Ho! Oh! Hum!
  De Doodle De-dum!
I want to get back for a spell,
  They say there are pleasures

O pretty white birds
  How we love you.
Won't you come near us again?
  We had no thought



The song of the wind
A murmuring stream,

Tonight we sit by the fireside
The lights are dim and low.
The dancing flames upon the hearth
Give off a mellow glow.

God made this world
  A beautiful place,
Then smiled upon it
  In kindly grace.


Hello! There my friend
  How do you do, my dear.
I'm sending you a Maybee
  To buzz about your ear.

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My ambition in life
  Is to live you see,
And be just what God
  would have me be.
Not like my neighbor
  Or my best friend,
They may be alright
  I'm not judging them.

Not like other christians
  Tho they are doing their best,
I am on my very own
  I must stand the test.

Not like sister Mary
  Samanthy, or Sue,
I must do what the Lord
  Would have me to do.

If I patterned after them
  And they fell short of the goal,
Then tell me, oh, pray tell me
  What would become of my soul?

God gave me a being
  And the breath of life.
Surrounded me with everything,
  To keep me from strife.

All the beauties of nature
  Are mine to enjoy,
I am blessed with sustenance
  If my hands I employ.

He blessed me with health
  He was watched and cared,
When under the shadow
  My life was spared.

I want to do just
  What he wants me to do.
My life by His pattern
  Hued straight and true.

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Della Hodgson James 01 May 2012

My husband came across the writings of Granny James in 2004, in the Ozark County Library in Gainesville, Missouri. I was looking through the poetry section and a plain black book with mailbox-type letters displaying the word, POEMS, had been placed on the front of the book. Of course, I had to check out this treasure. On the way back to Texas, there were tears of joy, & from simply being touched by this magnificent woman. Ms. James passed away in 1979 and is buried near Dawt, Missouri, where she grew up. I hope you enjoy her wonderful writings! -) . Respectfully, dawn

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