Denis Martindale

Denis Martindale Poems

521. The Writer Within! 4/3/2016
522. Ode To Jemma 4/4/2016
523. And What Is Death To Me? 4/4/2016
524. Cheetah Cub 4/4/2016
525. Indian Tiger Cub 4/4/2016
526. White Tiger! 4/4/2016
527. White Magic! 4/4/2016
528. The Try Write Zone! 4/6/2016
529. What Should Poems Accomplish? 4/7/2016
530. Prince Of Peace! 4/8/2016
531. Please Leave Me... 4/8/2016
532. Oh, Brother, Testify! 4/9/2016
533. Something Out Of Nothing... 4/10/2016
534. God's Wisdom For Eternity... 4/11/2016
535. Happiness, Come Rain Or Shine! 4/13/2016
536. What Makes A Great Poem? 4/14/2016
537. Heart-Touching Poems Just For You! 4/15/2016
538. What Is Worth Writing About? 4/17/2016
539. Thank You, Anonymous! 4/17/2016
540. T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. 4/18/2016
541. God's Plant Plan For Planet Earth! 4/24/2016
542. Lioness And Cub 4/28/2016
543. White Majesty, Too... 4/29/2016
544. Mariah! Mariah! Mariah! 5/4/2016
545. Thank-You For Standing With Us... 5/5/2016
546. Love Is Patient And Love Is Kind... 5/9/2016
547. Sharing The Vision! 5/11/2016
548. Outstanding Love! 5/11/2016
549. Am I Any Good At Writing Poetry? 5/12/2016
550. If You But Knew... 5/12/2016
551. The Silken Tent Questions 5/14/2016
552. Magical, Too... 5/17/2016
553. Determination Power! 5/20/2016
554. Revelation From Heaven! 5/26/2016
555. From Generation To Generation! 5/27/2016
556. They Also Serve Who Stand And Wait 5/27/2016
557. Here's To The Artists Of Renown 5/28/2016
558. The Poetry Teacher 5/30/2016
559. A Poem About A Nightingale 5/31/2016
560. Final Chapter, Final Verse! 6/1/2016
Best Poem of Denis Martindale

Giant Panda!

A baby Panda has to eat,
How else can Pandas grow?
He has to stand upon his feet,
To go where he must go!
He has to blossom like a rose
That rises to the sun
And that's the answer, Heaven knows,
Why chewing must be done...

But left alone to chew, chew, chew,
The growing Panda swells!
His belly bulges into view,
As he does nothing else...
As if there's reason to make haste
While he looks mighty glad,
No exercise to trim his waist,
He looks just like his Dad!

But Giant Panda, must you stay
As plumped up as you are?
It's ...

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Picture The Scene!

Consider talents God imparts,
What treasures lie ahead,
Should artists blessed with brand new hearts
Just follow where they're led...
Let there be light! Picture the scene!
Choose colours bold and brave,
No more to see all trees as green,
Once given eyes of faith...

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