I Press On To Win The Prize! Poem by Denis Martindale

I Press On To Win The Prize!

Yes, I press on to win the prize!
I've got no other aims...
With no distractions for my eyes,
For I'm not playing games...
This is the day of destiny!
One hour so sublime,
As if the Lord prepared for me
A treasure trove in time...

And for this day I've been prepared,
Like gold that's been refined,
No longer doubtful, timid, scared,
One purpose fills my mind...
I'm not alone for others seek
The prize that's meant for one,
Yet destiny makes me unique,
The battle's good as done!

So watch me win! Yes, cheer me on!
Rejoice and shake my hand!
The podium I'll stand upon,
As if God had it planned...
For He was there, my journey through,
Alongside all the way...
By faith, I tell Him, 'I love You! '
For Him, I'll win today!

Denis Martindale, copyright, July 2012.

The Olympic Gospel poem was mentioned on the
Revelation TV's R-Mornings show, discussing the
Olympics news on the 7th of August,2012 and it
was read out to the viewers on the 9th of August.

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Revelation TV on UK Sky Digital 581
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