Dennis Walker

Dennis Walker Poems

1. What Have I Become 5/28/2007
2. The Beast 5/28/2007
3. To My Home I Carry You Away 5/28/2007
4. Fallen Angel 5/28/2007
5. Werewolf 5/29/2007
6. Why 5/31/2007
7. A Tear 5/31/2007
8. Secret 5/31/2007
9. Poison 5/31/2007
10. Drink 5/31/2007
11. You Lied 5/31/2007
12. I Had To Change 6/8/2007
13. A Stranger 6/11/2007
14. They Think It Hurts 6/11/2007
15. I Know I Will See You Never More 6/25/2007
16. Being Thank Full For The Gift Of A Soul 7/2/2007
17. One Finger 7/18/2007
18. A Solider 7/18/2007
19. Telephone 7/25/2007
20. There Are Places In Our Minds 7/25/2007
21. I Did Not Realize 7/26/2007
22. Wreck 7/28/2007
23. Live With Honor 6/17/2007
24. Weather 6/20/2007
25. Dog 6/20/2007
26. Even In Death 6/22/2007
27. The Doctor 6/22/2007
28. Drums 7/30/2007
29. Sad 7/30/2007
30. Blind Fold 8/4/2007
31. Killing A Stranger 8/4/2007
32. Saint Peters Gate 8/9/2007
33. My Caravan 8/19/2007
34. Damned 8/23/2007
35. Door Way Of Time 8/26/2007
36. Your Book 8/27/2007
37. Alien 9/2/2007
38. I Feel That I Have Forgotten Something 9/4/2007
39. Words Hurt 9/6/2007
40. A Man Should Not Cry 9/6/2007

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  • Angel Sixx (6/20/2007 11:26:00 AM)

    I really like this poem - its very sweet and sentimental

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Best Poem of Dennis Walker

Seven Deadly Sins


I take pride in what I do
To be less than perfect makes me blue
In this world I know I am the best
No mater what comes I pass each test.
Nothing can beat me I have no fear
I don’t need god or people near
I am the proudest person I know
My ability my charm will flow and flow
They say that pride comes before a fall
I am proud that I ignored them all


I look at other people and I can see
That they always have more and better than me
They seem to get every thing so brand new
But poor old me just has to make do
New cars and...

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The Beast

I am the Beast who all people fear
They cower they hide when ever I am near
They pray to their god they repent each sin
I rip out their souls from way down within
I take all the bad and the evil of men
The gods save the good I can’t have them
This world as it stands gives me more than my fill
The rapist the wrong doer those who kill
I will never be gone I am always here

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