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The Sound Of Silence

When one is a sleep, one never talks
One never hears, and never eats
But, there is world inside one’s being
Which is moving, and going active

Mystic Love

I have feelings of high emotions
Vibrating so deep inside
To share feelings or passions

The Realities Of Life

In a world, where Reality is dual
One is clear and so visual
The other is hidden, can not be known
Who can tell, I have lived a life?

Desert Water

As there is cloud in the sky
One day blue and in another foggy
Who can tell, when there is no sun
There is light or brighter moon

End Never Ends

Feeling so exuberant, for I achieved
Which gives a birth to another end
To start a walk, to have a look
To see myself, where I stopped

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Debaish Tewary 26 October 2008

Its fine, I think life ls like ur 'one'

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