Derek R. Audette

Rookie (June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

Derek R. Audette Poems

1. A Ferret Named 'Purgation' 10/25/2004
2. I'M Not Crazy Today 10/22/2004
3. Seven Dollar Breakfast 10/22/2004
4. A Song For The Worms 10/26/2004
5. The Execution Of An Ambiguous Enemy 10/25/2004
6. Message Of The Cardinal 11/14/2004
7. Cigarettes & Bourbon 10/22/2004
8. One Must Wonder 10/24/2004
9. Soon You Will Be Coming Home 10/22/2004
10. Where's Natalie? 10/22/2004
11. I Thought About Changing The Style Of Man That I Am 10/23/2004
12. When The Full Moon Shines Through The Clouds 10/25/2004
13. Life's Purpose 6/11/2005
14. Deceitful Little Cherub 6/12/2005
15. The Storm Has Passed 6/15/2005
16. Dreams 6/16/2005
17. Dust Mite Science 11/7/2006
18. Double Slit 11/16/2006
19. Feminine Across The Wires 9/16/2007
20. Advice For A Poet 3/13/2008
21. Giants 9/14/2008
22. Bronw Ungh Ungh 9/14/2008
23. History Of The Unites States: Preface 9/19/2008
24. The Great Canadian 11/8/2008
25. God Must, For We Are (Poetry Of The Universe) 5/18/2005
26. A Pantoum For The Night Sky 6/11/2005
27. Eat 10/22/2004
28. She Just Opened Her Blinds 10/26/2004
29. Steamerhead Breakdown 6/11/2005
30. Ever On: The Illusion Is Woven 11/10/2004
31. Confidence 11/12/2004
32. Bait 9/17/2007
33. The Wages Of Sin 10/21/2004
34. Bukowski Ate My Liver 10/23/2004
35. Alive In The House Of The Monkey King 10/22/2004
36. May I So Ever Hope 10/23/2004
37. The City Is Short Today 10/25/2004
38. Apparently, My Poetry Sucks 10/26/2004
39. Harry Potter, What Up With You? 10/25/2004
40. A Cigarette From Frank 10/23/2004
Best Poem of Derek R. Audette

The Shortest Poem Ever Written

The shortest poem ever written
was a poem that just said:

At roughly the same time,
another poet
was writing another poem
which just said:


A debate then formed
as to which
was the shortest poem
ever written.

The general consensus
was that they both were
the shortest poems
ever written,
as both poems contained
the same amount of words
and the same amount of
in essence,
it was a tie.

However, the poet who wrote
the ‘b’ poem
argued that
his ...

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A Song For The Worms

Longer still they tear at my fetid heart
with minds that suffer like a dew draped leaf,
and through grand halls lined with bitter demur
my ersatz body is slowly produced.
In this garden of ubiquitous pain
they bear witness to this decrepit act.
I am no longer a child of the earth,
but a beast of famine who hungers not.

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