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a dark pain that suffocates me life a drear tht kills me slowlly help find the light of heavan dont forget me when its ur time to go love me now and find the key to my heart its lost in this cold world help me and help me now love you forever even when darkness takes over my heart love u now and forever and always

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I Love U, Goodbye Forevr

she looks at her reflection in the water the image disapeared when her tears fall in she doesnt remembr the last time she saw his face rain beats hardly on the ground the wind blows her hair out of her face she sees him walk toward her her tears come faster now he walks up to her stop he says she knew he wasnt talkn bout her tears he grabbd her arm and pulls up her sleve he observes the scars on her arm suddenly he starts crying y he asks she looks up at him hopelessly she doesnt answer he puts his hand on her face and pulls in to kiss her it feels like hours wen the truth is its only five seconds theres nothing left to say he turns around and walks out of her life.......forevr

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Amy Marie 12 February 2010

Your poems so far are quite emotional and interesting ;)

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