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Bliss is the one on a swing
Who feels her years breeze by.
She creates the sound of a bell
And doesn't even try.

Cheap and charming items
Settle on the numerous tables
Of my grandparents' customary yard sale.
Bugs visit them all on this hot but vital weekend.

It started out as a repressed passion
All it took was some hotel action
That day there was much to be done
The day I didn't know of things to come

The shark called Passion
Loves me.
Lets her snowy fin of fun

Like an alley
The street hides between
Trees of brown rattling leaves
In the daring depths of dark.

The lovely terrific ground
Wears a paved path

And a glamorous glow:

And waiting some more.

You...hanging and littering the sky...
Elongate your hot orange marmalade-colored arm.

Witnessing clouds exalt your presence...

A soft sun rose inside my glee –
Promising dawn and ecstacy –
Only because he sang my song.

A cat perched on the Railing –
To enamor my every moment –
Was all it took – to make my way –
Out of Jumping's 'jailing.'

I am glassy and variable. The life in me
Witnesses a rising and descending roof:
Hinging not only on my own mood but on the Moon's.

When Imagination imagines –
Her frame she drapes in red.
Fine white pearls her neck circle
Like a ring – it's said.

Six months to live have I now –
In my fading white dress –
Of Innocence.

To adore your translucent and
Almost rectangular lid
Is to profess love
For Femininity herself.

I know a sunny swing –
Which in the dawn light rocks me –
Singing dreams my yard drench –
Oh Enamoring Flight!

Dreaming rides – Dreaming rides!
You have yet shown me lives –
Of Roads, Music, and Chides –
To what loathes me. No hives –

Age was handcuffed – but claimed to be free –
Down the isle proceeding.
Like fireworks – glittered her dress –
While Rage at her gazed for a while.

The transparent unpopping bubble
Wraps itself inevitably

Around my colorful scented air.

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Aspiring Astronomer and Poet “You may think I'm small, but I have a universe inside my head.” - Yoko Ono This quote stands out to me because I find it relatable. While I'm on the shorter side physically, I believe in having an active mind. Multiple times, people have commented that I look younger than I really am. Nevertheless, not only do I use my mind to write poems and occasionally engage in other creative activities when I have time, but I'm also working toward a career in astronomy. So, if you've ever felt as if you've come to Earth from some other world in order to understand the human species, we have something in common. Or, if you've ever noticed that somehow, even though characters in movies and other works are fictional, they seem to walk you home from where you've just watched them, we also have something in common. If your eyes are automatically drawn to the sky to check for clearness whenever you're outside, even in broad daylight, well, you know...)

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Bliss is the one on a swing
Who feels her years breeze by.
She creates the sound of a bell
And doesn't even try.

She tastes a sunrise inside of her
Which looks like stars that went
To bow down to her gracefully
And give off an autumn scent.

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