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Aspiring Astronomer and Poet

“You may think I'm small, but I have a universe inside my head.” - Yoko Ono

This quote stands out to me because I find it relatable. While I'm on the shorter side physically, I believe in having an active mind. Multiple times, people have commented that I look younger than I really am. Nevertheless, not only do I use my mind to write poems and occasionally engage in other creative activities when I have time, but I'm also working toward a career in astronomy.

So, if you've ever felt as if you've come to Earth from some other world in order to understand the human species, we have something in common. Or, if you've ever noticed that somehow, even though characters in movies and other works are fictional, they seem to walk you home from where you've just watched them, we also have something in common. If your eyes are automatically drawn to the sky to check for clearness whenever you're outside, even in broad daylight, well, you know...

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Bliss is the one on a swing
Who feels her years breeze by.
She creates the sound of a bell
And doesn't even try.

She tastes a sunrise inside of her
Which looks like stars that went
To bow down to her gracefully
And give off an autumn scent.

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Amy Marie Popularity

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