Dev Raj

Freshman - 657 Points (Delhi, India)

Dev Raj Poems

1. I have heard love is a silly thing 10/18/2015
2. This is a story of a girl, so caring and sweet 10/18/2015
3. You're The One 10/21/2015
4. You're Like A Lost Angel 10/18/2015
5. Your Presence 10/18/2015
6. Your Presence 10/18/2015
7. You Might Find An Angel Too 10/21/2015
8. You Are What You Are 10/19/2015
9. World Called Home 10/21/2015
10. When I Dream Of You 10/19/2015
11. What Is Love 10/31/2015
12. We Gonna Love With Joy 10/21/2015
13. Walking With You 10/19/2015
14. Start Dreaming 10/18/2015
15. Silent Love 10/18/2015
16. Rare Love 10/31/2015
17. Love Me As I Am 10/22/2015
18. Life For You 10/18/2015
19. Inside My Heart 10/24/2015
20. Bless Me 10/18/2015
21. How Much I Love You 10/23/2015
22. Fairy Talked To Me 10/19/2015
23. Everyone Should Fall In Love 10/18/2015
24. Envelop Your Soul With Mine 10/25/2015
25. Dil Ki Baat 10/25/2015
26. Confused Within 10/21/2015
27. Better Tomorrow 10/21/2015
28. A Wish 10/19/2015
29. Fairy 10/20/2015

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From a beautiful flower
A cute little fairy grows
She's not any Daisey
Lily or beautiful rose <3

She has no given name
You may call her a weed
This cute little fairy
Indeed raised from a seed <3

Her beauty so masked
By those more known
She's pulled from her bed
And away she's thrown.. <3

I believe in the fairies
Who makes my dreams come true
I believe in this wonder
And the stars and the moon <3

I believe in the magic
From fairies high above
They dance over the flowers
And sing melodies of love ...

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You're The One

Beloved you are the one whom I always think
I even dream your face each time I blink
I really don't know why am I feeling like this
What I know that it is you whom I miss <3

When I dream about you, my heart seems to glow
When I feel for you, I wish for no tomorrow
To be with you right now is what I've wished
Because it's really you whom my heart has missed <3

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