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Come to my door, call my name
Come to my bed, shake me awake
When morning sky yawns
When birds chirp away

Away from everyday chaos
Where time flew in a blur
From mundane endeavours
Caging our souls

Gods receive no praise
At your final earthly union
People you loved
visibly marked

It’s a joy smelling to high heavens
At day’s end, tending my garden
Dressed in mud
Kissed by the sun

A tribute to my teacher:

Dear Sue,

I remember
How we danced on a bridge
One magical morning
Saturday night still hovering in the air

Sitting on my rooftop one eve
In the scorching tropical heat
The sun glare, blinding me
Braving its passionate beat

Brittle hair prickling my nose
Breathing in my ear, deep
Resting a left leg on my hip
You lay lost to the world

A blissful melody
Tingle within me
Spreading from my essence
To the least of me

Peel off your purple masquerade
That smirks and smears pain
To hide the truth, you fail
I see through your sheer veil

Crossing a pebbled pathway
Bare feet flinching in pain
A flowered cotton gown
Flapping around my knees

The stonewall and the brook
A disfigured snow mound
Reborn in my thoughts!

An autumn maple leaf
Red, orange, and yellow streaked
Half emerged in grey waters
Enclosed in mossy green

Smell me in the air
For I fly everywhere

Catch a quick glimpse of me

A glass of red wine spent
Recalling life's events
Crowded in my skin
In Solitude

Sitting close to you so that
I could reach out and touch
A rare treat to be that
Center of attention for once

A cherry tree in blossom,
Hidden at night from my sight.
Majestic, all the same!

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Come Back!

Come to my door, call my name
Come to my bed, shake me awake
When morning sky yawns
When birds chirp away
As you've done
A countless times before
Stand still, please don't leave
Let me have my fill of your face

Lay down with me in troubled nights
Your body resting in line with mine
Being there only for my sake
As moon glistens on unruly waves
As sand absorbs salty dampen trails
You never left me forsaken
When I drown in self pity
When I tremble in pain
Lay still, please don't stir
Let me be born in your embrace

Speak to me in your melodic voice;
Tender words - overwhelming sheer
As spring rain tapping on my roof
As a gentle breeze caressing trees
Speak your mind, unreserved
Speak red, piercing my ears
Speak slowly, please don't pause
Let me absorb fully, your presence

Denied senses tirelessly strain
To breathe in your familiar scent
To hear your nimble footsteps
To see laughs quivering your belly
Please fill my eyes with your sight
Quench my thirst for your voice
Feel my yearnings for your love
Dry my sorrows and cheeks, moist

Come back to me in a memory
Be there alive in my dreams
Come with a blissful smile, merry
Even in wretchedness of pain

Come to share my triumphs
Come to ease my letdowns
Come to witness my being
Come back to me my mother
Come back in any form that you may!

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