Devanshi Khetarpal

Rookie (17th March 1999 / Bhopal)

Devanshi Khetarpal Poems

1. Kinsmen Of Another Breed 5/4/2013
2. Out In The Blue, Men Dive And Rue 5/4/2013
3. Assurance, Endurance, Brilliance 5/4/2013
4. Pokey Nose (Or What Happened To Little Charlie) 5/4/2013
5. The Sidewalk 5/4/2013
6. Black Days And Sunny Nights 5/4/2013
7. Who Meddles On And On With The Sight Of Little Natalia Shawn? 5/4/2013
8. A Torn Flower 5/4/2013
9. The Solitary Street 5/4/2013
10. The Same Ol' Bench 5/4/2013
11. Human Nature 5/4/2013
12. My Father, My Strength 5/4/2013
13. The Golden Bird 5/4/2013
14. The Flower Tots 5/4/2013
15. The Traveller 5/4/2013
16. Not Much Left Now 5/4/2013
17. An Artistic Mind 5/6/2013
18. Wear And Tear 5/8/2013
19. On A Starry Night 5/9/2013
20. My Gaberdine's Halitosis 5/11/2013
21. Through A Draped Sight 5/12/2013
22. The Campanile's Roar 5/13/2013
23. Polished Shoes 5/15/2013
24. Hole In My Soul 5/15/2013
25. The Strings Of My Guitar 5/17/2013
26. What Happens At Night? 5/19/2013
27. Clap It Together! 5/20/2013
28. The Dinner Party 5/22/2013
29. I'M Fourteen And My Hair Are Grey 5/23/2013
30. Odds And Scraps 5/24/2013
31. The Foul Room Of Diana Hardy 5/26/2013
32. Is It Noon Already? 5/27/2013
33. What's Inside A Lady's Bag? 5/29/2013
34. The Writerly Life 5/31/2013
35. Height 6/2/2013
36. I Saw A Princess In A Field (Or Did I Not?) 6/3/2013
37. Thy Vale 6/3/2013
38. The Chambermaid 6/7/2013
39. Confession Of A Schoolboy 6/8/2013
40. Yet Another Day 6/10/2013

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Best Poem of Devanshi Khetarpal

Pick Your Nose!

When you pick your nose
And pull the booger out,
Which is slimy, sticky and black,
I feel awful. I can't feel more pain
Than to see the booger in front of my eyes.
Keep it in your nose.
Tuck all of it in. Don't stick it about.
If you don't stop, be ready for a smack!
Stop it! You're driving me insane!
Keep it in. Even the housefly dies
From the very sight of your nose.
You're a picker and I wish your ugly snout
Would allow the issued booger to come back.
Stop! The habit makes you insane.
Holy is it pick your nose? If it is, you are wise.

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The Same Ol' Bench

In the midst of the green,
Her bodice protruding amid the shadowed area,
She sat on the bench waiting for her amigo,
The gargantuan area unilluminated,
She could see sapphire-like eyes and snowy skin egressing out of the dark,
The amigo sat down,
They sipped the sherry in unison,
Both savoured the moment,
It being neither piquant nor saccharine,

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