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1. My Father 7/17/2012
2. Words 7/17/2012
3. Ticking Love 7/19/2012
4. Plantation Mentality (Realist Talk) 7/29/2012
5. Me! 8/2/2012
6. Working Bee 9/13/2012
7. Middle Man 9/24/2012
8. Living Water 9/24/2012
9. Sixth Finger 10/3/2012
10. Mediocrity 10/18/2012
11. Lioness 11/24/2012
12. Multiplication 12/7/2012
13. The Day My Life Turned Around 12/9/2012
14. Rain In December 12/11/2012
15. Radical Truth 12/20/2012
16. Sponge-Like 12/25/2012
17. Silent Night 12/26/2012
18. Mail Me Your Heart In An Envelope 12/30/2012
19. The Eyes Says It All Babe Or Maybe Not! 1/17/2013
20. My First Time 3/3/2013
21. Mistakes Taken For Perfection 3/11/2013
22. Smooth And Soft 3/25/2013
23. Love Me For Who I Am! 2/9/2013
24. Sigh Inside 2/18/2013
25. The Ambiguity Of Relationships 6/9/2013
26. The Island In Me 12/28/2013
27. Love Letter 1/5/2014
28. Selah 1/12/2014
29. Lovers Night Out 1/26/2014
30. Smiles And Frowns 1/26/2014
31. Recognition: “who Knows Who? ” 7/1/2013
32. Skeptics 8/28/2013
33. No Push On The Swings 3/17/2014
34. Love Don’t Get You Love 3/17/2014
35. The Old Man Down The Road 5/9/2014
36. Love Means Let Our Virtue Enlarge 5/13/2014
37. Wisdom 6/4/2014
38. What Doest Ye Not Want Me To Be? 10/8/2013
39. Stop, Think And Be Positive 8/5/2014
40. Stomp The Yard 8/9/2014
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The Ugly Duckling

The swans are so beautiful, they are loved and admired by many, seeing them as they swim to and fro in their pond.
Their features are astounding, they are one of a kind, simply a blessing to the eyes.
O look at how their feathers are white and fluffy, and are filled with zest.
Their beaks are of perfect size, they are nothing but the best.
Their wings are precisely laid down on their body. When they choose to spread them open, it's really worth the while.
But poor duckling on the other hand has no secret admirer.
Duckling is always isolated because she is seen as ugly.
As ...

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Ticking Love

I'm running out of time but that's all I got
The time to show you baby, what you're worth
You're always looking at me, I do stare back
But you never notice; you think I'm a clock
I'm very observant; I'm your secret admirer
My love for you is constant, I'm right here in plain sight
I'm stuck on your wall, forgotten on your desk; I'm close to your bed when you're at rest
I woke you up this morning, because of me you were early
You keep shutting me up; could never express my feelings ent

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