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1. My Father 7/17/2012
2. Words 7/17/2012
3. Ticking Love 7/19/2012
4. Plantation Mentality (Realist Talk) 7/29/2012
5. Me! 8/2/2012
6. Middle Man 9/24/2012
7. Living Water 9/24/2012
8. Sixth Finger 10/3/2012
9. Mediocrity 10/18/2012
10. Lioness 11/24/2012
11. Multiplication 12/7/2012
12. The Day My Life Turned Around 12/9/2012
13. Rain In December 12/11/2012
14. Radical Truth 12/20/2012
15. Sponge-Like 12/25/2012
16. Silent Night 12/26/2012
17. Mail Me Your Heart In An Envelope 12/30/2012
18. The Eyes Says It All Babe Or Maybe Not! 1/17/2013
19. My First Time 3/3/2013
20. Mistakes Taken For Perfection 3/11/2013
21. Smooth And Soft 3/25/2013
22. Recognition: “who Knows Who? ” 7/1/2013
23. Skeptics 8/28/2013
24. The Island In Me 12/28/2013
25. Love Letter 1/5/2014
26. Selah 1/12/2014
27. Lovers Night Out 1/26/2014
28. Smiles And Frowns 1/26/2014
29. Love Me For Who I Am! 2/9/2013
30. Sigh Inside 2/18/2013
31. What Doest Ye Not Want Me To Be? 10/8/2013
32. No Push On The Swings 3/17/2014
33. Love Don’t Get You Love 3/17/2014
34. The Old Man Down The Road 5/9/2014
35. Love Means Let Our Virtue Enlarge 5/13/2014
36. Wisdom 6/4/2014
37. Stomp The Yard 8/9/2014
38. Sweet Lips That Lie 8/11/2014
39. Like A Wild Fire 8/11/2014
40. Pure Brilliants 10/22/2014
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Sex Before Marriage

If there's one thing i could ask God to revoke
It's sex before marriage.
Used to think it was something Jesus has overlooked
Guess i've missed average
Who doesn't desire to be entwined beneath the sheets?
To be wrapped and embraced
in the utter-most secret place
The sweat of emotions exalt
Sacred voices in repetition;
All came with imagination
What's so wrong about two persons just experimenting?
Some how we got to learn about how our bodies operate
From a feeling of attraction comes romancing
Whats there to isolate?
God acknowledges sexual ...

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Some of us have said it all, some again have concealed it
Not one of us has read it all, not one of us has seen every one of it
It's written in books it is drawn on walls, its bolded, hyphened, italic or even printed small
It is powerful, it is evolutionary, it is taught in school, but it's more than just the words in a stupid dictionary
It brings joy: it brings sorrow, it is given and it can be borrowed
It can have a long lasting impression whereas; it can deteriorate interests and attract

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