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Though I've been writing for many years it is only of late I've begun the journey to publish my private thoughts, on a venue such as this.
I find it riveting discovering my soul speak...drawing me out of my comfort zone sailing to distant shores. I relish adventure and as a writer I design the layout of my travels knowing the Universe is my compa ...

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Paris In Springtime

We make plans
setting them in motion
picking them
as if apples from a tree
ripe, sweet apples...

Paris in Springtime
yes, that is what we talked about
unfolding our dreams
in places and time
under a foreign sky

getting lost
in the soul of her city streets
stringing together hands
unwrapping our moments
in gloamings gaze

lounging at a local cafe
nibbling on edibles
laughing, talking
blanketing each other
in thought

garnishing our love
in contentment
filling up
once empty spaces
lying together between silky sheets...

It is you
I know it now
a resounding yes,
you were right all along
I have found you in the rhythms of my heart.

copyright @ 12/05/2005

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Diana Newsome Popularity

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