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You sway
Like my emotions
You glitter
Into my eyes

She poses with her legs spread
The muscles in her thighs show
She looks at you with her blue eyes
Her blonde hair flowing in curls

I watered you everyday
But for four days
I went away

Sometimes I feel you
Your presence


Send me messages
Call me numerous times
I won't pick up
My trust

The day comes
The preparations have been done
They come walking in
Black clothes

Not happy

Minutes before he closed his eyes
He stared at the wall
Looking at the wallpaper full of pies
He could taste the sweetness of life

I came to visit you
Your eyes lit up the second you saw me
You ran towards me in a pink fluffy dress
Your arms squeezed around my hips

Tree of Life

You stand there
Still as a rock

Out of all the people

Where’s Waldo

I whisper sweet nothings in your ear
They mean nothing to me
I comfort you gently
When you are in fear

At the end of the sidewalk
There is a turn
Near the end of the road
There is an exit

Blink Wink Love

Why is it that you tease me so?

The pain you went through
When you had me

The clock ticks
She lays
The morning sun
The blinds closed

To those of you
Who don't have a hand to hold

For those who think Forever does not exist
Tell me why


Tears fell for you
As 11 years grew on you
Your silent eyes were an ocean blue
That stopped blinking one day

Without a heart
We don’t have a compassionate mind

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You sway
Like my emotions
You glitter
Into my eyes
You swallow
Me inside
You give me warmth
You make me shiver
You keep the petals of a rose
From wither
I look at you
You are transparent
But within you
There is beauty
There is life
And without you
My petals will stiffen and wither

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Makenzie turner 28 July 2018

I want to be powerful

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