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I see things differently
Passing me is a dog
Chasing a butterfly,
Tired of chasing cats

This one is inspired by you
Its xoxo i want to talk about,
My love for you is xoxo,
I walk every mile,

1. I need to tell you a secret look at 5
2. The answer is loo at 11
3. Don`t get mad look at 15
4. Calm down don`t be mad look at 13

Its been so many years,
That now am feeling my tears
Going to break me down to fear,
Let me say this dear,

I love to see you happy,
For you to know joy
I love to see you cry,
For you to feel your tears

To be or not to be
Is what I want to see,
If I was to jump in the sea,
For me to feel what it means

If wishes were horses,
I think I could be a boss
Am done wishing,

Tick tock, tick tock,
All I want to do is talk,
Talk about time,
You never know

I don't know
Is what i always say,
Everything looks new
Modernization without industrialization,

Ever wondered where stars come from'
They never come from the roof,
That`s a proof,
Stars are made when no one is seeing,

You are my calm i am your unease,
You are my cure i am you disease,
You are my peacetime i am your war,
You are my perfect i am your flaw,

The diagnosis was in part expected,
An old adversary ready to attack once more,
Self pity,

If you and i could always be,
With arms outstretched
Linking our hands in perfect grasp
Fingers interlocking, you smoother with my bigger,

It`s official,
All word combinations have now been used,
Every sentence,
Every paragraph,

Transmitter, transformer,
Reciever, reflector,
They are part of a plan,
That God has to be perfect

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I am old enough to think twice, am a man different countries and beliefs.i now live in Kenya which i love so much.In life there comes a time when we all have to say something about us, this is about me. when i was an embryo maybe just a couple of months, something in my head told me to shape up and get out, i love poetry and art with passion)

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I See Things Differently

I see things differently
Passing me is a dog
Chasing a butterfly,
Tired of chasing cats
I see things differently,
Sitting next to me is someone,
Who all around see as a friend,
But truly he is a fiend,
I see things differently,
At the road is a police
Tired of policing,
He is after a policy
I see things differently,
You will fight a lot of enemies and survive,
But you will fight your biology and loose.

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Dickens Joseph Sawo Popularity

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