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Have you ever felt out of place.
Not in the right time,
Not with your same race.

Starting off a blissful sleep,
enclose; her gental arms wrapped around me

Soft darkness now prevails,

The light.
The breeze.
The colours to see.

Wooden wheels and sore feet
Heading west often ended in defeat.
Even though the trail has been blazed
Your destination is still so far away.

"What's going on up there! ? "
Oh no it broke again
Whatever will we do
The rails have broke apart again

I'm awaiting the spring light
The tension of winter is growing tight
Foggy grey rays
Drawing out my days

Awaiting near a river
of girth and heavy flow
a man awaits his boat
"were ever will I go? "

I have felt peace
with comfort in mind.
I have felt dred
often watching my time.

The warmth that you give,
guides me through each day.
And only when you're near,
Do I not look far away.

story-*Everything was dark and sad
then she took away my pain
presenting me with a candle,
She hid my sorrow in its flame.

A legacy help in honored
noble spread of paper
collided strong in the wind
of cold dispair

*Philosophical lecture*
freeze frame,
Note, I'll never stay the same
I've changed

Crumbled admiration
The beast, struck the light
vision draft zero, Your imagination
Be the only means of sight

"I'm still here",
"I'm still here",
From the chalk
That's what appears

With great surprise
There comes a knock
{Tap, tap, tap}
From outside the box

For no reason at all
Your name has been called

Towards it you drew

Because I don't know everything

I conclude there must be change

Reminded almost hourly I.
I am the only Christmas enthusiast.
Warmth I insist, tainted I.
I won't shrink or assist.

Starting from the bottom
Is easier then the top
and some things that look easy
are confusing when they're not.

Trying to Keep my feet on the ground
Truly not as bad as it sounds
Crushed by weight
I really couldn't take

The Best Poem Of Dillian Hansen

Seeing A Cactus Take A Drink.

Have you ever felt out of place.
Not in the right time,
Not with your same race.

I can't tell if for him it hurts
I hope that he is not in pain,
But I know he's alive so he makes it work.

Nothing special not tall not wide
Still pushing himself to grow
strong he doesn't hide.

Usually south or on a sandy plain
Places hot and usually dry
That moment I knew I'd never forget that day

Push yourself to at least move forward
Don't every shy away
Push yourself don't ever be a coward.

For if a cactus in the north will still take a drink
No madder how out of place you feel
You are stronger than you think.

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'Don't be so lazy it pains you, don't work so hard it pains you. Life is all about the pleasures, but only properly endured when such person can find there place among a crowed and feel at home in a manner such that he/she and others can all grow at the same time.'

'you are never truly dead, until your DNA runs out'

There is two factors that control our life; perception and pleasure, but we can only control one. We cannot choose what makes us happy in this world.

It has been excepted by most that gender is a spectrum. The truth is that the answer to every question is a spectrum, because in the thought of absolute value both 1 and -1 are equal= to 1.

an anxiety trigger is often thinking of opinions that of people who, you might believe are above you. hash that thought out completely^ It is not possible for anyone 'above' you to judge you for two logical reasons-> #1 Socrates makes it very clear- The reason why he is the wisest man, is because there is only one thing he claims to know. Socrates- 'There is only one thing that I know; and that is that I don't know' #2 If you do find someone wise enough to judge you, if they do judge you. They must not be wise, because if they have; they have forgotten- That the only way to be old and wise is to have once been young and dumb.

The chant is: 'If you fall. Get back up and try it again! ' That chant^ should break any anxiety loop you find yourself in. It's not logical to beat-down someone who has fallen in any circumstance. but it is very shameful to fall and refuse to get back up. Not getting back up is the only thing you should allow to cause you anxiety (metaphorical sense) .

Why is the next thing that comes out of my mouth always gotta be either very in depth or completely out of the blue? Oh yea.. Because those are the only things that make me feel alive.

People never stop and think about how lonely god must be/have been. To be a being amongst no other beings. being the one to have-to create order. being the one to separate; being the difference. being emotionally unfair, when fair once just meant all. being above himself, yet never beyond; because it's incoherent. being the only thing, god can associate to. being the counterpart that god is. Will always just be god, thine self. being 'proud' but never experiencing pride that isn't selfish. being good means being internally bias for the reason of reasons. being a teacher that will never understand what is means to learn or listen. being a being that can't just wait for change. being a being that can change and never be appreciated for it. being a being who'm taught one's self what being alone means. being a singularity that internally thinks being alone is not good.

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Dillian Hansen Popularity

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