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What is love?
I thought I knew the answer
I thought you made me know the answer
‘Cause I used to believe you

I want to be happy
I want to be happy with all my hopes
Wake up from my dream with a smile
Grab my delicious breakfast and watch SpongeBob

Teach me the way of how to forget
Gone and disappeared without regret
Swallow all respects for love and fate
No need to apologize ‘cause it's too late

God, I'm a devil
That masked by the figure of an angle
Look innocent with all my vicious anger
Easy to smile, easier to loathe

I see you, as I knew you
Standing there with a different story
No more tears, no more blue
Smiling lovely with a strange fairy

Mari kita kembali mendongengkan
Sebuah cerita yang menghilang kelabu
Memastikan cinta yang kau kaitkan
Atau hasrat nan berbau semu

Aku hanyalah seorang gadis
Yang berusia lima belas tahun
Namun hariku penuh dengan tangis
Terhisap hampa tanpa ampun

Pulanglah sang pemilik hati
Tuk kesekian kalinya, pulanglah
Mari kita mengulang memiliki
Demi hati yang tak kenal lelah

When the story begins to fade
The love of mine begins to form
Everything used to be beautiful without you
Then, why now you're my definition of beautiful?

The days were used to be my home
Spent all the stories without being alone
People looked at me like I was their phone
My lovely smile formed after the wound

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I'm just a 15-year-old girl who tells her stories by her poems.)

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What Is Love?

What is love?
I thought I knew the answer
I thought you made me know the answer
‘Cause I used to believe you
When you gladly told me
That the love of yours
Was the real piece of heaven
Would never be the beast
Which smashes the castle of purity
Immortal, more immortal than the word itself

Because you used to treat me
Like I was your only lover
You used to protect me
Like I was your only daughter
You used to love me
Like I was your only princess

What is love?
I thought I didn't know the answer
But the pain that caused by high hopes
That fell through the happiness
Arrived on the black surface of sadness
Enclosed by the stupid beautiful fake smile,
Makes me realise that I do always know

And love is,
The feeling that can make me crazy
All night long thinking about a cruel person
A person who stabbed my heart
With those beautiful soft lies
A person who told me that I was pretty
But then made me feel ugly
A person behind my deepest sadness
But still the one who wins my heart

Love isn't the cause of my loneliness
Love isn't the cause of my sorrow
But I fell in love with a wrong guy
A wrong guy who never ever knows what is love

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