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1. Dreamer Man 2/22/2012
2. A Thought Of You 2/22/2012
3. Seasons Of Loneliness 2/22/2012
4. A Thousand Terrible Miles 2/22/2012
5. A Poem To Begin 2/22/2012
6. The One That I Survive 2/22/2012
7. Unread 2/22/2012
8. Pictures On A Wall 2/22/2012
9. The Bright, But Darkened Dawn 2/22/2012
10. The Tormented Mind 2/22/2012
11. Stainless 2/22/2012
12. Incomplete 2/22/2012
13. The Dunes Of Heartache 2/22/2012
14. There Are No Rhymes For This 2/22/2012
15. My Reckless Heart 2/22/2012
16. Red River 2/22/2012
17. Fragile Heart 2/24/2012
18. Give Me A Reason 2/24/2012
19. My Name Is 2/24/2012
20. Right Down To The Ground 2/24/2012
21. Eventide 2/23/2012
22. Ragged Castaway 2/23/2012
23. I Can Run, But I Cant Hide 2/24/2012
24. I'Ll Give You Back That Smile 2/24/2012
25. No Sad Goodbye 2/24/2012
26. The Call 2/24/2012
27. Blue Skies In My Book 2/24/2012
28. The Lovely Only One 2/24/2012
29. Whisper To The Moon 2/24/2012
30. Sadist Heart 2/24/2012
31. Forever In My Mind 2/24/2012
32. A Simple Note 2/23/2012
33. Book Of Dreams 2/23/2012
34. A Glass Of Wine 2/23/2012
35. Yesterday 2/23/2012
36. Leaves Of Endless Branches 2/23/2012
37. The Cold Regret Of Each 2/23/2012
38. Morning Came Too Quickly 2/23/2012
39. Beautiful 2/23/2012
40. The Vision 2/23/2012

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The Dash

Have you ever see a headstone, with the dates of life and death? ..
There always seems to be a dash between...
That dash is every moment, that a person ever lived...
But only birth and death are what is seen...

The dash is when you lived, and your life took shape for you...
And found the path that led you, to the date...
Engraved upon some headstone, somewhere, lost in fields of stone...
Forgotten, and ignored by time, and fate...

Explain to me, what's in the line, the dash, that's there to see...
Why not leave it blank on the stone? ...
But then...

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Seasons Of Loneliness

In the winter of my mind,
The leafless branches of my existence,
Bend to the cold wind of self, and you are there,
To be the fresh gentle snow,
That falls upon my every thought,
To cover the cold and dark ground of my life,
With a soft white blanket of contentment,
Blocking out the harsh and killing winds, of thought,
That keep me frozen here..............Without you.............

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