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Poetry of my poems I write
Deepened in black ink as text
Like machine I work my tool;
Pen and paper and ink too


Under this heavy cloud i see
I see the dark side pass
Leaving with it packed bags
To join the military i see

Nothing less nothing worse
Ladies first blessing curse
Dazzling curves flow everywhere
Dashing garments arose her

My whole heart in this world
For a girl i wrote sweet word
My brain is in my head
But mind in the cloud

Life is love
Death is understandable
Lust a wonderful temptation
On my knee today is how my age depreciates

C is for candle
Candle is for light
Light is for sight
Sight is for you

My body is in pain
My soul is insane
My words to them is profane
My saviour still holds the cane

What good is a fish without tail?
Everyday is but a daily sail
A minute Hail Mary via this e-mail
Here! I live a fairy tale

If I am smart
You I will hunt
On you I mark
My blood and soul

I am a living soul
They say when it starts it feels so cold
Now I doubt, when will it happen to me?
But before that, am coming

The pinnacle of tonight is calm,
it's sensationalism favours the mood, under this blue black cosy moon, the waterfall caresses that faithful pool;
she is Eve, he is Adam,
two unique people of different colour,

Glitzy high the sun shine
Breezy high the wind brew
Cozy afternoon that's so fine
Dozy sky uplift galaxy blue

A Rasta Man is in front here
Forward in front of her door step
Here I search and find my friend
We mingle and cuddle via the air


What defines the meaning?
To french kiss her
Is tongue stick her
Lick between her lip

Midnight blue-black finder
How do you do?
Sniper view in this site
Where is that natural juice;

Together they had a lovely child
Her hair was golden like hers
Their love for each other was young
Two love birds in the town square


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On her wings I walk
In her bosom I snore
Everday is a new song
Is she lost in music?

Hail! to us, we move forward,
In black, we are hippy coded,
For we walk, at night together,
Evangelizing alone for ourselves, no other

Skywee Gh Biography

AM an African born CHILD WITH great passion about beauty and IN ART. I hold GREAT natural taste for FINE ART.ACCEPTING ME FOR WHO I AM is MADE ME VERSATILE I BRING OUT THE best. Am the best.Am a a food for your soul......XOXO)

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Poetry of my poems I write
Deepened in black ink as text
Like machine I work my tool;
Pen and paper and ink too

So I scramble these words around
Far to the reach of everyone
Even if my tools is exhausted;
The ground and stick I use

When locked away in some cell
Poetry I cuddle like my girl
Perhaps, I have fallen in love;
With the rhythmical of poetry

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advance yourself as an individual

Design is a forge of reality, learn to live with it and use it to your advantage.

The taste of the banana fruit is on the tongue

Life is more necessary to be lived by the soul rather than the heart

Monkey business killed the baboon

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