Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney Poems

1. A Brave New World -new- 1/23/2017
2. Barber In A Country Town 2/11/2016
3. Big Bang For Little Billy 2/12/2016
4. A Matter Of Beans 2/13/2016
5. Insect In Jeopardy 2/15/2016
6. Mourning Doves 2/15/2016
7. Absentee Ballot 7/18/2016
8. Black And White 7/23/2016
9. A Small Price To Pay 7/23/2016
10. A Haircut For The Yard 7/23/2016
11. Allowances Can Be Made 7/24/2016
12. After He Found The Right One 7/24/2016
13. A World Too Dark Too Often 7/24/2016
14. Arizona Here She Comes 7/24/2016
15. We Common Folk Must Decide 7/28/2016
16. I Know It When I See It 7/28/2016
17. An Askew Life -new- 1/18/2017
18. A Marital Exchange -new- 1/18/2017
19. A Question For Dylann Roof -new- 1/18/2017
20. A Minority Of One -new- 1/18/2017
21. Coffee With Mr Conscience -new- 1/20/2017
22. A Visit To Charlie's Diner -new- 1/20/2017
23. A Knockout At The End -new- 1/20/2017
24. Eight Men Who Are Doing Quite Well -new- 1/22/2017
25. Nature In The City 2/16/2016
26. Deer Season 2/22/2016
27. Evangelizing Each Other 2/24/2016
28. After A Snow 2/25/2016
29. I Traded Ethel For Tiffany 2/25/2016
30. A Whopper Of A Snow 2/25/2016
31. Cobra's Wife 2/26/2016
32. Robin Hood And Nero 2/27/2016
33. A Puzzling Marriage 2/28/2016
34. Answering Machine 2/28/2016
35. Black Butterfly 6/5/2016
36. Ceos And Hogs 6/7/2016
37. Reviewing Troops Not There 6/7/2016
38. A Place To Put Stuff 6/8/2016
39. Our Mistakes Are Us 6/8/2016
40. A Cockamamie Diagnosis 6/10/2016
Best Poem of Donal Mahoney


In the waiting room, I squeeze
this old rosary a nun gave me
the day I got back from Iraq.

I was still in a daze on a gurney
and I still had sand in my hair.
Some of it remains, no matter

how many showers I take.
Sand from Iraq lingers, I'm told,
until you go bald, and then

you are able to concentrate
on other things.
What might they be, I wonder.

But today, in this waiting room,
I squeeze the rosary tighter
when I hear, louder than

the gunshots crackling in my dreams,
the real screams of that little boy
right ...

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So Fingertips Kiss

Five kids, eight years.
And then one day my wife
shouts to me on the tractor
roaring in the field:

“I’ve had enough.”
And like a ballerina,
she rises on one foot, sole
of the other foot firm

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