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Eugene Levich 04 July 2015

Viva Donal Mahoney... author of some of the loveliest poetry I've read this year!

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Cece D 23 September 2013

Love your writing! Keep it up

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The Best Poem Of Donal Mahoney

A Good Neighbor

Cookies for George,
40 years back from Viet Nam,
are the only payment
the man will accept
to mow your lawn,
rake your leaves,
shovel your snow.

He sleeps behind
his brother's house
above the garage.
Every two weeks
he shaves and bathes.
His brother takes him
to the Veterans Hospital.

George has cancer again
40 years after Agent Orange.
But he'll mow your lawn,
rake your leaves
and shovel your snow
for nothing less than
cookies for George.

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Donal Mahoney Popularity

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