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A Good Neighbor

Cookies for George,
40 years back from Viet Nam,
are the only payment
the man will accept


In the waiting room, I squeeze
this old rosary a nun gave me
the day I got back from Iraq.

Found In An Attic: World War Ii Letter To A Wife

When I get home
things will be the same.
I haven't changed.


Monsanto still has problems
after the carnage caused
by Agent Orange.
People continue to decay.

Nearing The Finish Line

Walking very slowly, ancient Wally's
right behind his ancient Molly who's
stepping down the garden path,
her first time out in weeks,

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Eugene Levich 04 July 2015

Viva Donal Mahoney... author of some of the loveliest poetry I've read this year!

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Cece D 23 September 2013

Love your writing! Keep it up

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