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Donald Bruce Dawe

Rating: 4.33
Rating: 4.33

Donald Bruce Dawe Poems


All day, day after day, they’re bringing them home,
they’re picking them up, those they can find, and bringing them home,
they’re bringing them in, piled on the hulls of Grants, in

Homo Suburbiensis

One constant in a world of variables
- A man alone in the evening in his patch of vegetables,
and all the things he takes down with him there

Enter Without So Much As Knocking

Blink, blink. HOSPITAL. SILENCE.
Ten days old, carried in the front door in his
mother's arms, first thing he heard was
Bobby Dazzler on Channel 7:

Weapons Training

And when I say eyes right I want to hear
those eyeballs click and the gentle pitter-patter
of falling dandruff you there what's the matter
why are you looking at me are you a queer?

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John Soles 18 September 2013

this guys a troll and a ballsack

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Mrs Davis 29 July 2014

bruce dawe sux! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Chuck Norris 09 October 2014

Bruh. This Guy is gud @ hes anglesh

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Mr Jenkins 05 May 2016

This was a waste of time, i hated it

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Eliza Jane 21 February 2018

What a wonderful man Dawes is to devote such heartfelt words to the things that he feels passion for and that have touched his heart. As for the other illiterates leaving comments; You people disgust me & are everything that is wrong with the world. Learn how to spell you brats! It's clear that you people will amount to nothing & I feel sorry for you. I wish someone cared enough about you to actually feel disappointed in you! .

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zac coats 10 June 2020

this is a really cool poems

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james 20 May 2019

tati took my career, will womp womp womp for money!

6 2 Reply
peen rash 17 May 2019

rude ………………………………………………………………….8===D

2 2 Reply
Zripple 08 March 2019

You are a good poet. Make more! (I'm choosing you for my English Speech)

2 8 Reply
Gekyume 06 March 2019

Hello my name is Gekyume and my dad got murked

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Donald Bruce Dawe Biography

Donald Bruce Dawe AO is an Australian poet, and is considered by many as one of the most influential Australian poets of all time.

Early Life

Bruce Dawe was born in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1930. Bruce Dawe's mother and father were from farming backgrounds in Victoria and, like his own sisters and brother, never had the opportunity to com ...

Donald Bruce Dawe Popularity