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Graduated both elementary and secondary at Laparay. Donward loves to write poems, essays, and articles.

Donward Bughaw Poems

Labyrinthine Love

Love's like a labyrinth
Beneath the palace of Knossos,
Too hard to find your way,
If not a determined Thesseus.

Leading Star

How I wish to be your Lodestar,
That I will be your leading spark;
Up there in skies, right there afar,
I will go ahead as you embark.

Queries Of Love

'Shall I ding my secret on the ears of air? '
I asked the crescent moon just to be fair;
And as she beamed her please to me,
I knew that I must it free.

An Aubade For Divine

You're an awe-inspiring creature
Yea, you Divine whom I adore
The one that I am wishing for
To be my Truelove evermore.

To My Beloved Ailyn Balus

I thought that we are meant for each other
But why, you fade oh Ailyn Balus?
I love you so much
But why you abandoned me?

Donward Bughaw Quotes

29 May 2016

Moments less expected to happen are moments really to happen.

29 May 2016

Love do not seek beauty.

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