Dora Egan Poems

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Thy Rotten Poem

The stone cold feeling
of betrayal and pain,
Thy warm body,
Sweet and pale,


Looking through one's despair,
but somehow feeling it myself.
Fear of the unknown,
it leaves only shadows-

Porcelain Doll

Stay with me, my darling youth
And lay thy hands upon my chest.
Feel my heartbeat, my porcelain doll.
Stay with me a little bit more.

J'aime (La Voix)

J'aime comment tu me regardes et me tiens la main,
J'aime ton sourire et chaque mot que tu dis,
J'aime tes lèvres douces et tes yeux brunes,
J'aime comment mon cœur bat quand tu m'appelles,

Save One Breath For Me

Save one breath for me,
don't leave me alone in here!
Please don't go without me!
Can you hear my screams?

Thy Macabre Poem

Meticulous footsteps in the dark,
approaching perilously, but rakishly,
forming perfect shapes in the stone cold concrete.
That is all I see, in this debauched agony, my love.

For My Lost Soul

The other side of life,
The Agony, Flutter.
Concern, Apologies,
Words without Meaning,

Just Go Away

Make a pond of my tears,
give me a solution for my fears!
Make my pain go away,
write the words I should say!

The Diary Of A Cutter

She took a razor from her bag
And led herself through the game.
She put the razor on her hand
And once again she slit her veins.

Immortal Love

Love equals Death,
Is it the same?
Can we make Death out of Love?
Will it last after Life?

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