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Don'T Blame The Children

Children today so misunderstood
Adults deprived them from their childhood
Making sure they are better off than we were
Showering them with luxuries we could not afford. Working so hard, never at home

True To Yourself

Don't use the Lord's name in vain, and think He's going to see you through,
He knows what you're thinking, even before you do.
Be true to yourself, love and help your fellow man,
You never know when the time will come when you'll need a helping hand,

The Truth

You may ask why I waited so long,
The doors, was closed, and I was so young,
I knew then what I wanted to do,
Tried very hard to see them through,


Control your directions
The choice is up to you
Don't put the blame on someone else
When they don't like your point of view

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Valerie 30 May 2020

I first met Dorris & Robert in the 1970's while I was working in Rehab at LAC+USC Medical Center. I valued our long & warm friendship. Our family will miss Dorris very much.

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Johnny & Olivia 17 May 2020

Mama Lewis we will miss talking to you with all your beautiful wisdom. The Lord decided it was time for you to come home and rest. We Love and miss you so much

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