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1. A Light Heart 11/16/2011
2. And She Said Goodbye 11/16/2011
3. Can You Master? 11/16/2011
4. Coffee 11/16/2011
5. Forget 11/16/2011
6. Giving Up 11/16/2011
7. Her 11/16/2011
8. Melodies Of My Memories 11/16/2011
9. Nostalgia 11/16/2011
10. Violin 11/16/2011
11. You... 11/16/2011
12. My What? 11/21/2011
13. For Her 1/15/2012
14. Nostalgic Night 2/4/2012
15. My Black Eye 2/4/2012
16. Chelllooooo 3/28/2012
17. Once Upon A Time 3/28/2012
18. To Whom Ever It May Concern, 8/17/2012
19. Why Do I Love You? 8/17/2012
20. Rainy Days 9/2/2012
21. Even The Devil Knows 4/25/2015
22. Words I Never Said 5/7/2012
23. My Anime World 11/16/2011
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My Anime World

My real life anime...

Like watching Naruto...
Sakura thats you

Yes a bad anime but this is my real life anime
Its like living in a Japanese world
And anime rule my world
Come on my cute little anime girl!
All the fan boys dream about you
All the fan girls up dress as you
And yet I'm fortunate enough to actually have a chance with you
Like Casherne and luna we're one of a kind
Mustang and hawkeye knowing we will always watch each others back
I'll be more then glad to eliminate the homunculi that try to harm you

Or like draw ...

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Creamy latte
bold strong 2% soy milk in my 100% colombian coffee
sipping from my brand name mug
enjoying my scone, bagel, pound cake, gingerbread, cake
yep getting that queezy feeling in my sthomic that brings me comfort
and i still drink this stuff knowing what it does to me
loving my black, creaming and even watered down coffee
one different coffee mug for each day
one different flavor for every day of the month

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