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If you put an ear
to this ancient ground
You might just hear
a mystical sound

I was a child of the troubles
Got to know about bombs and bullets
Empty parked cars were avoided
If you were a child of the troubles

I walked across the meadow
On a moonlit silver night
I passed the bridge above
the ridge

A road stretches and seems endless
For those who never wander far
In life how many steps will they take
For some, like going to the moon

McDermott's second hand
furniture store
Was on the Bedsford Road

When the beauty of the body begins to fade
When we cross the line from young to old
When the jet black hair has turned to grey
When reading the obituary's takes up your day

Can, t wait to get away
Got the tickets ready to go
Got the case packed full
Leaving the torrential rain

I have no fear of them
Yet they fear me
Even though they sit
under my tree

A great betrayal in life is
when your doctor dies before you
Years of advise binned
The pills to keep me around

Escape from northern Emerald's icy grip
See Teide slipping away from this ship
Sailing south to Islands sunny and green.
Where dreams ended for unsuspecting souls

Yesterday's pain can hunt us still
Bitter memories, lurking deep
Waiting to disturb sweet dreams
While you struggle to sleep

A ten pence fishing line and hook
was essential
A pot of juicy black head worms too
As my brothers friends and me set

My field lay bare almost barren
Grass competing with rushes
Natures stored energy wasted
As if it was waiting on me to decide

Where have all the shops gone.
So many doors have closed
On so many others dreams
Life quickly changing, before our eyes

The winds blow down from Orra
As I walk upland from Cushendun
The Antrim hills now white with snow
Make this treacherous journey slow

In almost an instant,
as the camera points
We see places, cultures,
people struggling to survive

Just look, what thoughts go through her mind
When she looks at me, though just glimpses
Could she want to know me more
What does she look for that excites her mind


Sitting on a Steam train, going to Belfast
Leaving Coleraine Station I sit alone in fear
For I have sold my life I'm just in my fifteen year.
No hugs, no kisses no tears from mum

The babbling river
Has secrets, never told
I stand watching its waters
On a journey to the sea

If Jesus where her today would he be a Christian
Would he want to sit among the self righteous saved flock
Who look down at others with their arrogant thoughts and mock
Condemning them to Hell because they do not see it their way.

Douglas McClarty Biography

Born In Northern Ireland. I live near the beautiful Causeway Coast. On a clear Day I can see the Scottish Islands, Isla, Mull, both my parents where born in Scotland, met and married in Northern Ireland. They had eleven children, six girls and five boys. I used to write poems when I was a primary school and now at the age of 65 I decided to exercise the brain cells and decided to write poetry. Most of my poems are about life's experiences.)

The Best Poem Of Douglas McClarty

Away With The Fairies

If you put an ear
to this ancient ground
You might just hear
a mystical sound
Only on nights
when there's a full moon
They will play and sing
their haunting tune
The Uilleann pipes,
a harp and a flute
there could be
a boran a fiddle and a lute
The fairies are singing
and dancing below
A place were no person
is welcome to go
If you venture near
this fairy fort, beware
No harm will come
to those who just stare
But for others who disturb
these fairy sites
they could be cursed
with sleepless nights
So be still and listen
don't make a sound
And forever you'll be drawn
to a fairy mound.

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Douglas McClarty Popularity

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