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Away With The Fairies

If you put an ear
to this ancient ground
You might just hear
a mystical sound

A Child Of The Troubles.

I was a child of the troubles
Got to know about bombs and bullets
Empty parked cars were avoided
If you were a child of the troubles

Going Home

A road stretches and seems endless
For those who never wander far
In life how many steps will they take
For some, like going to the moon

A Fairy Poem

I walked across the meadow
On a moonlit silver night
I passed the bridge above
the ridge

To Old To Dream

McDermott's second hand
furniture store
Was on the Bedsford Road

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Born In Northern Ireland. I live near the beautiful Causeway Coast. On a clear Day I can see the Scottish Islands, Isla, Mull, both my parents where born in Scotland, met and married in Northern Ireland. They had eleven children, six girls and five boys. I used to write poems when I was a primary school and now at the age of 65 I decided to exercise the brain cells and decided to write poetry. Most of my poems are about life's experiences.

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