Douglas McClarty Poems

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Away With The Fairies

If you put an ear
to this ancient ground
You might just hear
a mystical sound

A Fairy Poem

I walked across the meadow
On a moonlit silver night
I passed the bridge above
the ridge

A Child Of The Troubles.

I was a child of the troubles
Got to know about bombs and bullets
Empty parked cars were avoided
If you were a child of the troubles

Going Home

A road stretches and seems endless
For those who never wander far
In life how many steps will they take
For some, like going to the moon

To Old To Dream

McDermott's second hand
furniture store
Was on the Bedsford Road

Everlasting Beauty.

When the beauty of the body begins to fade
When we cross the line from young to old
When the jet black hair has turned to grey
When reading the obituary's takes up your day

The Perfect Holiday

Can, t wait to get away
Got the tickets ready to go
Got the case packed full
Leaving the torrential rain

Four Bunnies

I have no fear of them
Yet they fear me
Even though they sit
under my tree

The Betrayal

A great betrayal in life is
when your doctor dies before you
Years of advise binned
The pills to keep me around

Cape Verde Islands

Escape from northern Emerald's icy grip
See Teide slipping away from this ship
Sailing south to Islands sunny and green.
Where dreams ended for unsuspecting souls

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