Douglas Nichols Poems

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A Flare For Nature

When nature awakens from it's slumber
And tender buds Spring from a tree,
Leaves form to quench its deep hunger pangs,
Each becoming a little energy factory.

This Rocks!

A rock is a rock,
It may be deduced.
But there are three different forms,
Depending on how their produced.


Each little flower
Bathes in the sun's shower,
Reflecting a wavelength of light.


How green are the leaves
Of the plants that we view.
This pigment is from chlorophyll,
Contained in chloroplasts, not a few.

Bernoulli's Dream

A bird in flight
Is a miraculous sight.
One wonders how such things occur.

Paradise Lost...Again!

I hear the muffled song of the morning this paradise?
I open my eyes and wait till blurred vision becomes more acute.
What is this? ...ahhh...A site I am so accustomed ceiling.
I am still here, and it looks as if I'm to face another day.

Children Of The Divine

Do you understand me, and do I understand you?
I struggle with depression and anxiety and uncertainties.
Do you know what I am going through?

Consumed In Dance

I feel the radiance from the flickering crackles.
As I sit mesmerized by the wispy-glowing dance before me.
Ethereal fingers consuming solid form.

Reach Out To Me

Please...reach out to me
And give me a hug.
One that I feel I do not deserve.

Thor's Creation

Warm moist air moves heavenward from updrafts below
Which condenses, thus white clouds are born.
Accumulation of the water increases in time
And water droplets begin to form.

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