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One day a green colour bird entered into our thatched house
My wife wanted to drive out but she never went
And with apology, requested to stay with us
We don't have any cage; how can she stay with us?


I am a maiden sit in a garden
Dreaming my life to become a wife
My father is older he needs to strong my shoulder
Where is my lover? I think in sober

She is a girl, godly creation
Carries joy for your deadly hours
Cuckoo sounds for her, heavenly flower (Parijata)blossoms
She is rare in creation, not like other animals

Oh God! You are the source of Light and Love
You have stretched your heart for solar planets
Human exist, enjoy and develop
Birds cheer, farmers blade and flowers bosom

Hungry is not a word desire to eat
But cramped with passion and stringent to poor
Hungry is not confined with learn and earn
But restrained with scope and environs


Force is not muscle power or physical vigor
Force without aim only passing eager
Force may destroy if not properly measured
Force can make moments more enjoyed

Running train passed railway station
An orphan girl was with passion
For two three rupees
Lest one will give for a day

My passion is to love living being
Not to specific even without seeing
Slay badly to all making behaving
And hunt in my mind "Silence thing".

Money, mind and muscle cannot create
Brahmans, Astrologers and Doctors effort
They are not confident to form a hope
Pray before god to full your cup


I see your face in every moment
Dream my love in my heart
I wish to say about my love
Can't express in any words

I am a little guy in the poet's world
I learn and burn from the poems heard
I can't recite without your cite
I owe my mind before your height


Soul lives in a house
Where purity and peace are maintained
Soul exists for longer
Where truth and humanism are sustained

My love neither has decreased
Nor it has been offered to anyone
I have kept it for you only for you
To make my love solace


I cannot see your face
Even, I cannot talk with you
Do you know? That has hurt me, burnt me, and looted my hope
Please, turn off your face to remain me silence

They are the source of our inspiration
Gandhiji, Pandit Gopabandhu, Lord William Bentinck
They make us motivated; they inspire us
to achieve our common goal

This is not common water, holy water
Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati are conglomerated
called as "Tribeni Sangam"
bathing in Ganga is a pious

Your fame is not confined in India
Pilgrims visit in millions every year from abroad
To enjoy your scenic beauty and dip in your saline water
Believing ‘Moksha' for ever

You are a holy tree, people pray every day
Supreme soul is preserved within you
You are grown in your own way
Brahmins search after twelve years

I saw through my window, she is calling me
I starred at her to be confirmed
Again using my spectacle to be more confirmed!
Is she calling me?

A scavenger was roving in the Garden
A blooming flower feared at her
Why do you know? Lest,
She will come to touch her hair

Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo Biography

Dr. Bedadyuti Sahoo does not claim as a poet in the poetic world. He is a poem lover and enjoys the poems of different poets. He is by profession as a Librarian and working in a world class institution. He writes once in a year or more than one when such feelings come in to the mind. Sometimes it becomes more pleasant when the poems come to the forefront of the poet. He is a strong believer on God and he lives with joys and sorrows in this god's creation. Jay Jagannath.)

The Best Poem Of Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo

Nature's Blessing

One day a green colour bird entered into our thatched house
My wife wanted to drive out but she never went
And with apology, requested to stay with us
We don't have any cage; how can she stay with us?
My child demanded me to arrange a cage
For keeping her abreast
One, two, three days passed, passed many months
One day I saw, her face has no smile and having no sense
I asked in her language; what is wrong with you?
Answer me my dear sweet
Little bird frankly told in rage, I need my partner
How can I sustain? With whom to converse
Again I arranged a partner, imagining her staying longer
I was not really ready to keep them in my thatch
My wife whispered me, please bear little pain
Seeing our children's smile, seeing their face
Now, green colour bird is so happy
And passing her time being a good lover
Even as our permanent member
Though, I was little annoyed, but it was not my mistake
I have done trying my best to provide them comfort
Now, green colour bird is ever chanting, showering her blessing
My wife is jolting me, Are you now annoyed?
Not at all! I am ready to make an aviary
For this wonderful nature

Copyright @ Dr. Bedadyuti Sahoo (Dt:13th March,2020)

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