Nature's Blessing Poem by Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo

Nature's Blessing

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One day a green colour bird entered into our thatched house
My wife wanted to drive out but she never went
And with apology, requested to stay with us
We don't have any cage; how can she stay with us?
My child demanded me to arrange a cage
For keeping her abreast
One, two, three days passed, passed many months
One day I saw, her face has no smile and having no sense
I asked in her language; what is wrong with you?
Answer me my dear sweet
Little bird frankly told in rage, I need my partner
How can I sustain? With whom to converse
Again I arranged a partner, imagining her staying longer
I was not really ready to keep them in my thatch
My wife whispered me, please bear little pain
Seeing our children's smile, seeing their face
Now, green colour bird is so happy
And passing her time being a good lover
Even as our permanent member
Though, I was little annoyed, but it was not my mistake
I have done trying my best to provide them comfort
Now, green colour bird is ever chanting, showering her blessing
My wife is jolting me, Are you now annoyed?
Not at all! I am ready to make an aviary
For this wonderful nature

Copyright @ Dr. Bedadyuti Sahoo (Dt:13th March,2020)

Monday, March 16, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: blessing
Harindhar Reddy 17 March 2020

Hmmm, interesting tale took form of poetry in your hands sir and you ended it in a style. Like this poem. Kindly read a few of my poems too. It's honour to read your poetry. Highfive sir.

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Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo 18 March 2020

Thank you Sir for your appreciation. I must read your poems.

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Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo

Dr Bedadyuti Sahoo

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