Dr. Elbert R. Moses, Jr.

(Prescott, AZ)

Dr. Elbert R. Moses, Jr. Poems

1. Where Is Virtue 1/2/2003
2. Contrast 1/2/2003
3. Harmony 1/2/2003
4. Make Us Pilgrims Of The Cross 1/2/2003
5. Life 1/2/2003
6. "Truth&Quot; (With An Apology To Shakespeare) 1/2/2003
Best Poem of Dr. Elbert R. Moses, Jr.

"Truth&Quot; (With An Apology To Shakespeare)

To see, or not to see, that is the problem;

Whether 'tis easier in this life to suffer

The barbs and jabs of unthinking citizens,

Or to marshal your forces against your foes,

And by resisting stop them? To struggle to weep;

No more; and by struggle to say to assuage

The heartache and the thousand inward struggles

That man is heir to, 'tis culmination

Fervently to be desired. To struggle to weep;

To weep; maybe to think: ay, there's the rub;

For in the weeping that drowns the sorrow

When you ...

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