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Peace Prayer

Oh ocean of loving compassion
pour on us Your nectar rain
heal our wounds of hatred and war

War And Peace

War is a human invention
all seeds of strife and war
man himself has sown
death’s harvest to reap

Peace Anthem

Peace the seed
peace the soil
peace the plough
peace the crop

The Prime Locus

Man draws strength from myriad power centres
to connect with the Order of the universe
to realise oneness with Infinite Power
whose prime locus lies in one’s heart

Love’s Radiance

You can see the bottom of a lake
if water is crystalline, transparent
the truth’s face only a clear mirror reflects

Dr. Madan Gandhi Comments

world's greatest mystic and peace poet- - - golden voice of humanity, people's poet-ambassador for global harmony, Tagore awardee,1961, Shakespeare awardee,2017, Neruda awardee,2017, Nobel nominee

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Dr. Yayati Madan G. Gandhi, former visiting fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge, is an outstanding educationist, litterateur and publicist who has been in the vanguard of many movements for sustainable environment, total disarmament, human rights and one-world mankind.

A winner of Tagore Award in poetry in 1961, Dr. Gandhi is the Founder-Pr ...

Dr. Madan Gandhi Popularity