Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee Poems

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Huge Dreams And The Open Window

Leave the window open
I see the wheat field from here
I see the reaper sowing the seeds
He dreams of the cornfield full

Life Is Meaningless Without You

You came into my life
A blazing star or a comet
You filled my heart with joy

Good Morning

Good morning! which window to open?
Zephyr is blowing all around…
How long at that celestial light
The angels danced in unison

Let Me Be With You Here

Let me be with you here
With me my dear
Looking at me with all your care
The wind moves her arms


Sorrow has an element of emptiness
It cannot remember
When it began,
Or when it ended

There Is A New World

There is another world
Ever beautiful and sweet,
Enlivened by sunshine
And not a streak of darkness prevails.

Love Is A Journey

Love is a journey
A journey through burning moon
Solar eclipse, or tycoon
Two souls mingling in kisses

November Of Kolkata

November days come back with their usual cold
The sun slips to silence in the West
Twilight hours are carved like strings of guitar
We feel cold, we feel Kolkata winter.

A City That Burns In Red A River That Flows In Blood

A city that burns in red, a river that flows in blood
The pagoda with golden people suddenly got blurred
The vision of the platinum temple of Lord Shiva pales
Humans suddenly turn hungry tigers claw and nails

My Sleepless Night, Oleander

Yesternight was all sleepless for me
I uncreated myself, I never felt so unhappy
Desert straightway entered my garden
Sickness overtook Oleander all on a sudden

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