Let Me Be With You Here Poem by Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee

Let Me Be With You Here

Let me be with you here
With me my dear
Looking at me with all your care
The wind moves her arms
In the troubled air
The starchy white all around
Who beats the drum in my ear
Bronze and gold, Silver and pearl
I am crossing the olive grove
With eyes half open
And your hand in mine, close and tight
My journey in the night

We crossed the orange grove
You listened to me as one listens to the rain
The keel of the moon breaks through purple clouds
Their quivers fill with mist
Your footsteps I no more heard
My five senses asleep

Still I hear your footsteps,
Still I see the glitter of your eyes,
Still I hold your white bare arms
Yellow like the golden ryes
You crossed the meadow
You entered the deep of my heart
Your eyelids soft and tender
But they were shut.
Your hairs had the darkness of Bidisha
Your eyes flickered for a kiss
I know I would love you and miss
My hand uncovered the body of your body
My eyes unfurled the soul of soul
I wanted you fully, and I got you whole.

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