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an ophthalmologist.
poetry, music are a passion.
my work gives me a chance to meet people from different backgrounds and experience varied emotions through them and i try to put them in words....as poetry? i do try.
thank you all who ve enriched my life, ...

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Words To My Soul

The words that were left unspoken
Break their agonizing silence to thee..

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Maria Woods 06 August 2009

I loved Ego but Love is just beautiful.

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Rup Pokharel 03 August 2009

Dr Veena thank you for coining the poem 'Cactii' the lines.... 'those seeds of hatred and rejection implanted decades ago in my heart ve blossomed into full grown cactii........ You have started with my life... you have printed the words of my heart Thank you. May god bless to to give more best.

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Rup Pokharel 03 August 2009

Dr. Veenaa rai Thank u for reading my poem identity. Do go on aiding the sight to those who are in need Let them then gain days to see earth bit more Hellen suffered.You are treat more hallen Just my wishes. Yah, i read your Poem Passion ... i liked it. so natural flow..... keep it..... most loved verse 'they part ways for a century with the hope to embrace again the sun smiles at it's victory the moon radiates with sun's flame' thank you for creating these lines.

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