Hungry was the street
Lying before me
Thirsty was the soul
Helping guiding me.

I am from a rich land
I am rich. Have no reach either-
Man from blessed land. I feel myself great.
Nature has her treasury stored,

In an early dawn
Of late autumn
Through ajar window
Of a semi-urban house

Hope of course in grain
Was there in my sanguine brain
To shape and have a true tie
And define life before I die.

Find me in your brain
You have me there in
Together for years we’d dined
Shared despair and bliss

Same smiling face of his
Same eyes falling on me
Of twenty years gone days
Panorama displayed before me.

The moment dew gathered on hills,
Moon glittered with borrowed shine,
Pouring silver on penurious roofs-
Deceiving owls and bats over moths and fruits.

At mid-noon today
Keeping the sun at its bay
Docile cloud roared and warned;
Where on earth were the grains warmed,

All you have are in stock-still state
I can see you ma breathlessly lying flat
All bygone flashes are limited in mind
Now thy twin round black ball does not see me

On one occasion I was asked;
Bullet or ballot..?
Hitler or Gandhi..?
Nagasaki or Kapilvastu..?


You, the smiling daffodil of spring
The mid-winter sun
The future of
-thousands patriots


Wanting the things of need
Years I lived, that’s my funeral;
On alms I’m reared,
On alms my life routine;

When commitment is distorted
And the words made are derailed,
Illusion smiles and trust lightens
Hope withers and progress declines.

I am a man as of your stature
I do have kids and other half
Carrying me within them
As is true to you and all mankind.

Atmosphere above and around
Failed to befriend him;
So the meteorites stroke his fate.

The happiness within the four walls
The love shining in the faces
The well-nourished dog in the kennel
The shining car at the parking

Death of a Traitor

Firecrackers played in regal premises

He breaks his comatose sleep
Wakes up with coy eyes
Looks hurried in quest of error
To appreciate the world at rise.

What have you got to pour?
What next to fore-tell?
What might have been….
At miles beyond?

Mammoth earth has become a village
Moon and mars men’s would be park
Hanging-garden, leaning-tower- all thy made
Men you worth quality salt- you are so great!


-Believes in humanity, equality and justice. -Regards women as real Gods on Earth. -Religion simply a social knot to make human live dignified life.)


Love Stolen...

Hungry was the street
Lying before me
Thirsty was the soul
Helping guiding me.

Unwired Dickensian slum
smiling nearby
On low tune satire
Whispered- ‘love kills and heals’.

My legs bewildered,
My sense unnerved,
My head stooped,
Yet, my thirsty soul guided me.

My legs had to reach me
To far woods
To kiss the grave of my other-half
And let her know-her lost son found.

Alas! I met her
With, all skeleton scattered
Grave broken and torn
And the wedding ring stolen.




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