Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart Poems

1. For An Angel Far Away 10/26/2008
2. At The End 11/6/2008
3. In This Day Of Simple Deeds 10/26/2008
4. Dark Draws In 11/7/2008
5. Retreat To Victory 11/7/2008
6. The Day 2/15/2009
7. Stand I Shall 2/26/2009
8. The Empty Darkness 6/8/2012
9. Go Away Old Friend 2/4/2014
10. Darkest Night 6/20/2014
11. Solstice Day 6/21/2014
12. Darkness About 6/28/2014
13. Beautiful Day 7/7/2014
14. The Coming Day 8/5/2014
15. Summer Night 6/28/2014
16. Dark Outside 11/7/2008
17. Searching 11/6/2008
18. Why? 11/6/2008
19. Flowers Of The Day 11/6/2008
20. For In Ages Past As Knights Did Toll 10/26/2008
21. The Journey Of Life 6/20/2014
22. A Warriors Poem 2/8/2009
Best Poem of Dragon Heart

A Warriors Poem

Here i stand upon this field
Here i stand alone
Here i stand upon this field of battle
Surrounded by my dead

Alone i stood
Alone i fought
Alone i stood
My enermy alone i faced

Here i stand to this day
Here i stand alone
My foe's i fought
My foe's i defeated

For i stand alone
upon this field of life
But not alone i stand
for about me stand my friend's

Comrades in arm's warriors all
Upon this field of life we Stand.

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For An Angel Far Away

With wings upon her back
with resolute thoughts in her mind
she sets forth

With determined Step
and certainty on her side
she takes another step

with each step she takes

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