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Wrapped in your arms
Is the safest place to be.
My head resting
Against you chest; we're alone, just you and me.

Looking into his eyes for the very first time
All she can do is think back and cry
'A part of my heart will always be yours'
The last thing he said; she still begging for more

An anniversary is a time
To celebrate the joys of today.
The two lovebirds still in
Love after more than a

Being in your presence
My soul is intoxicated
Gazing in your eyes
My heart is elated

Once upon a time, you asked me to help
Build this castle of friendship
The design was simple
The foundation was effortless

You always need a friend
Someone to be by your side
From beginning to the end
Through the ups and downs of this roller coaster ride

Best friends, yes we are
Though I wish it was more
I thought you might feel the same
But I am not completly sure

We stand outside in the frigid weather
We stand real close, our hands together

The feel of your icy fingertips upon my face

The best feeling is
Seeing your name on my caller I.D.
The best feeling is
When you ditched her for me

My pride and joy
My heart and soul
What you've truly
Meant to me

People will come and go
Others will stay awhile
The special ones remain even
When separated by a mile

Your fingertips burn my icy skin
You hold me close to your heart
We play a game we can both win
It begins with your intial start


Love can be the best
thing thats ever happened to you
love is the most beautiful thing
in the world

You are my best friend,
so close to my heart
I knew it was true love
right from the start.

Goodbyes don't come as easily
as hellos
But we all have to let go.
Anything is easy to say

Thinking of you
all the time
Thinking of you
in my dreams

Thinking of you from time to time
Wondering how things would've been
If you stayed mine
You touched my heart with

Your charm and your grace
Makes me laugh and smile
Its the look on your face
That makes you worthwhile

Twilight is here
It is time
Velvety blankets, soft pillows
Where it all begins

Christmas is not forever, not for just one day
For loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
Like bells and lights and tinsel in some box upon a shelf
The good you do for others is good you do yourself.

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Just A Dream

Wrapped in your arms
Is the safest place to be.
My head resting
Against you chest; we're alone, just you and me.
Your aroma lingers and
It smells so sweet.
You gently kiss my neck,
Then my cheek, until our lips meet.
You kiss me oh so passionately;
I do not want it to end.
I love to be with you,
I can be me and
No need to pretend.
I wake up smiling,
But realize that's not how it seems.
He is just my friend
And that was just a dream.

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