Bernard F. Asuncion Dreams Poems

Dry Dreams

When efforts go up in ashes,
The future is in a mess.

Dreams And Goal

Happy birthday, Sister Freda,
Life goes on in spite of trouble;
Success truly brings euphoria,
By realizing dreams and goal.

One Of Your Dreams

D-reaming of a fine future
I-s living in your mind;
N-ineteenth April Wednesday
A-ims to let you unwind.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

E-arly Friday tenth of March
J-oins the shining light;
E-vening shadows disappear,
A-s they fade into the

Let Your Dreams Come True

L-et your dreams come true
O-ctober ninth early day;
I-t's a promising new morn,
D-arkness has gone

Ahead Dreams And Ventures Lie

N-ew year's fireworks display
I-s the signal of your birth;
C-elebration is double
A-s both bring much mirth.

Make My Dreams Come True

M-ake my dreams come true,
A-llowing me to soar high;
R-eaching the dawn of day
I-n fifteenth morn of July.

Dreams Do Come True

R-ight there dreams come true,
O-ne ought to understand;
L-ife's goals and future
A-re all in the Lord's hand.

Error Success