Dyna Misery

Dyna Misery Poems

1. Alice's Trip To Hell 2/12/2006
2. The Truth Hurts 2/9/2007
3. Disaffect 2/9/2007
4. Pain 2/9/2007
5. Just Breathe 2/9/2007
6. The Visitor 2/9/2007
7. Giving Up 5/27/2010
8. A Bloody Mess 5/27/2010
9. Misery 5/27/2010
10. Love Hurts 5/27/2010
11. Why Me 5/27/2010
12. Miss Laid 6/25/2010
13. How I Want To Die 6/25/2010
14. Coming Apart At The Seams 6/25/2010
15. Don'T Lie To Me 6/27/2010
16. Reality Killed My Fairytale 10/18/2006
17. Roses 7/25/2010
18. I Hate Making Up Titles 7/26/2010
19. Miss Understood 9/8/2010
20. Succubus 10/8/2010
21. I Love You 10/8/2010
22. So Stupid 10/12/2010
23. She 10/24/2010
24. I Thought Of You Today 5/27/2010
25. War Of The Beast 2/10/2006
26. Immortal Suicidal Me 7/26/2010
27. Devil In My Bed 2/9/2007
28. Unpretty 7/18/2010
29. My Sexual Misconduct 2/10/2006
30. Hot Summer Daze 2/10/2006
31. Always The Poet, Never The Muse 2/12/2006
32. Stupid Girl 7/15/2006
33. Stoned 8/17/2006
34. Untitled 2/10/2006
35. Love You To Death 2/16/2006

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Best Poem of Dyna Misery

Love You To Death

Marriage isn't always black and white
It is on this subject I feel I must write
Sometimes it's black and blue
Like it was that night
The night of their first fight
'For better or for worse'
Things were so much better at first
She feels the worse is yet to come
But better days...
She hopes there will be some
'To have and to hold'
Behind those walls he could be so cold
Marriage isn't always black and white
Sometimes it isn't even right
Even when you try with all your might
Because sometimes it's red
As red as the blood she bled
The blood she ...

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Hot Summer Daze

Hot summer daze
Old Dames Ferry leads us to the waters of Juliette
Hit the water with a buzz
Never had fun like that before
I swear I'll never forget the summer of '94
Hot summer nights
Jim Morrison's voice fills the air
as Shain rolls a joint by the dashboard light
Black Love incense

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