War Of The Beast

Rating: 5.0

War of the beast
Discussed over a feast
Dining with the illusion of etiquette
A toast! To absent morals
She says,
'Drink of me...and wash it all down with a tall glass of vulgarity'
You taste the bitterness that is her blood
She explains that it is an acquired taste
To you it tastes like the sins of a thousand rapists
You sit back and wonder how you acquired a liking for such a taste
Amazed at how she changes you
Confused by the level of darkness
She walks over to you, sits in your lap
She wraps her family values around your waist
and calls you Daddy one last time
You start to wonder when you became the victim

William Jackson 11 February 2006

This is another fine dark poem describing how we can each lose our way and our innocence piece by piece and that once lost it can never be regained. My suggestion is that rather than trying to discern the difference between good and evil, one should seek only to see and know and participate in the good. Did you know that the anglo saxon word for God means 'good'? Anyway, I am babbling now. Read William Blake the English poet. Check out 'The Clod and the Pebble'. If you have not ever read it, I am sure you would like it. You might also read his poem that starts out with the line 'I went to the Garden of Love'. Anyway, forgive me if you are already completely familiar with his work. He like you had passion.

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