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The moment of solitude
when others left you
start to think about themselves
they don't seem to care

It Is You

do you believe in love?
'cause I did not at first
until I find you
and now I know i do.

Thank You, God.

When life gets tough
You are always there,
To draw me close to You.
To hug me with Your mighty arms.

The Chance

You will find a chance in love is completely different
From what the hartred offers you
Love gives you a chance to raise up,
But the bitterness, it is only to break you down.

The More It Is Crushed, The More It Will Grow

Honestly, the love trembles
as it pounds to follow the heart's rhymes.
and what is hidden in your chest
has its own identity.

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- a Christian who was dead and raise together in Christ :)

- an ordinary student who is struggling to finish her bachelor degree at Methodist University of Indonesia. taking Maya Angelou's works to be further analyzed.

- accidentally found out the biggest passion in writing poems while having Poetry class.

- inspired abundantly by Dra ...

Earlene Yemima Popularity