Edmund Wong

Rookie (Hong Kong)

Best Poem of Edmund Wong

By The Store

One ordinary night, when you are playing with your fingernail
By the store, my dreary eyes are filled with seldom pleasure,
Of finding alone right before them a hidden treasure,
Proudly in triumph, as many a voracious eye fail
To discover man’s self-effaced worth. Yet let it be,
So selfish me can be your sole company.
But, alack, when finally my eyes are free to see thee,
And ears to hear love’s first symphony,
Thou look away, freely, the heavenly melody desists,
Restoring my ordinary life, where nothingness persists.

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Lie No More

How with the track of time can we withstand,
When Gaiety has become my enemy,
And let me not enjoy her company,
With whom my hours have lavishly been spent?

How would I have a better chance of winning you,
Being a merry man with smiles to charm,
Than a ludicrous wretch, a fortune's fool,
Dreaming on end upon the way of harm?

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