Edwin Tanguma

Veteran Poet - 1,594 Points (1966 / CA)

Edwin Tanguma Poems

1. Even A Poetaster Tries 9/7/2013
2. Who's Preaching Will You All Choose (Tanka) 9/8/2013
3. Could I Be One Of The Two (Tanka) 9/8/2013
4. God's Wedding Band 9/8/2013
5. If God Revokes His Reprieve (Tanka) 9/8/2013
6. The Anointed Ones (Senryu) 9/8/2013
7. My Signet Is Like (Tanka) 9/8/2013
8. Do You Know About (Tanka) 9/8/2013
9. In A World Where There Is No Queen Or King (Shakespearean Sonnet) 9/7/2013
10. Planeo En Corrientes (Spanish Tanka) 9/10/2013
11. Do You Know What Love Feels Like (Tanka) 9/10/2013
12. Using A Rod Of Iron (Tanka) 9/10/2013
13. Had I Not Answered The Knock (Tanka) 9/11/2013
14. My God Is A God Of Love (Tanka) 9/11/2013
15. Which Do You Prefer (Tanka) 9/11/2013
16. I Served Satan Once (Tanka) 9/11/2013
17. Father Is Saddened (Tanka) 9/11/2013
18. Leaders Of The Blind (Tanka) 9/11/2013
19. Center Of Gravity (Tanka) 9/11/2013
20. I Am A Poor Simple Fool (Tanka) 9/11/2013
21. Unto All Of The Nations (Tanka) 9/11/2013
22. My Father Will Claim Vengeance (Tanka) 9/9/2013
23. Each Person Is Free To Choose (Tanka) 9/9/2013
24. I Don'T Seek Riches In Life (Tanka) 9/10/2013
25. Did Solomon Live In Sin (Tanka) 9/11/2013
26. What Is The Mark Of The Beast (Tanka) 9/11/2013
27. 'Tis Human Nature (Tanka) 9/12/2013
28. No More Cash Or Credit (Tanka) 9/11/2013
29. Man And Woman In Battle (Tanka) 9/12/2013
30. Could Life Be A Test (Tanka) 9/12/2013
31. I Would Not Want To Be Ya'Ll (Tanka) 9/12/2013
32. Has It Been Two Or Three Days (Tanka) 9/12/2013
33. In The Form Of My Signet (Tanka) 9/12/2013
34. You Don'T Have To Believe Me (Tanka) 9/12/2013
35. Unto Ye Of Little Faith (Tanka) 9/12/2013
36. My Itsy-Bitsy Signet (Tanka) 9/12/2013
37. King Solomon In The Flesh (Tanka) 9/13/2013
38. Then There's The Wide Path (Tanka) 9/13/2013
39. How Can I Love My Father If I'M In Love With My Wife (Tanka) 9/13/2013
40. Through God All Is Possible (Tanka) 9/13/2013

Comments about Edwin Tanguma

  • Edwin Tanguma (9/18/2015 10:36:00 PM)

    Blu 1 Blu 1 is another screen name I use on this site... lol

    Ed T

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  • Edwin Tanguma (9/18/2015 10:34:00 PM)

    If you would like to read more Tatiana... I have a few more poems under the name Blu 1 Blu 1 from Rio de Janeiro...

  • Tatiana Ortiz (5/13/2013 1:42:00 PM)

    I love your poems! I want to do a project about Mr.Tanguma but i cant find anything about him. I need to a bibliography and I need a picture. Please help me! !

Best Poem of Edwin Tanguma

Amo A Dios (Spanish Haiku)

Amo a Dios
Con todo mi Corazon
Es mi salvacion

Read the full of Amo A Dios (Spanish Haiku)

Even A Poetaster Tries

What is the big deal
About a poetry contest
Who can really judge
About who is really the best

For whom is to judge
Every poem is beautiful
They are like snowflakes
Each is a jewel

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