Edwin Tanguma

Veteran Poet - 1,594 Points (1966 / CA)

Edwin Tanguma Poems

1. Even A Poetaster Tries 9/7/2013
2. Who's Preaching Will You All Choose (Tanka) 9/8/2013
3. Could I Be One Of The Two (Tanka) 9/8/2013
4. God's Wedding Band 9/8/2013
5. If God Revokes His Reprieve (Tanka) 9/8/2013
6. The Anointed Ones (Senryu) 9/8/2013
7. My Signet Is Like (Tanka) 9/8/2013
8. Do You Know About (Tanka) 9/8/2013
9. In A World Where There Is No Queen Or King (Shakespearean Sonnet) 9/7/2013
10. Planeo En Corrientes (Spanish Tanka) 9/10/2013
11. Do You Know What Love Feels Like (Tanka) 9/10/2013
12. Using A Rod Of Iron (Tanka) 9/10/2013
13. Had I Not Answered The Knock (Tanka) 9/11/2013
14. My God Is A God Of Love (Tanka) 9/11/2013
15. Which Do You Prefer (Tanka) 9/11/2013
16. I Served Satan Once (Tanka) 9/11/2013
17. Father Is Saddened (Tanka) 9/11/2013
18. Leaders Of The Blind (Tanka) 9/11/2013
19. Center Of Gravity (Tanka) 9/11/2013
20. I Am A Poor Simple Fool (Tanka) 9/11/2013
21. Unto All Of The Nations (Tanka) 9/11/2013
22. My Father Will Claim Vengeance (Tanka) 9/9/2013
23. Each Person Is Free To Choose (Tanka) 9/9/2013
24. I Don'T Seek Riches In Life (Tanka) 9/10/2013
25. Did Solomon Live In Sin (Tanka) 9/11/2013
26. What Is The Mark Of The Beast (Tanka) 9/11/2013
27. 'Tis Human Nature (Tanka) 9/12/2013
28. No More Cash Or Credit (Tanka) 9/11/2013
29. Man And Woman In Battle (Tanka) 9/12/2013
30. Could Life Be A Test (Tanka) 9/12/2013
31. I Would Not Want To Be Ya'Ll (Tanka) 9/12/2013
32. Has It Been Two Or Three Days (Tanka) 9/12/2013
33. In The Form Of My Signet (Tanka) 9/12/2013
34. You Don'T Have To Believe Me (Tanka) 9/12/2013
35. Unto Ye Of Little Faith (Tanka) 9/12/2013
36. My Itsy-Bitsy Signet (Tanka) 9/12/2013
37. King Solomon In The Flesh (Tanka) 9/13/2013
38. Then There's The Wide Path (Tanka) 9/13/2013
39. How Can I Love My Father If I'M In Love With My Wife (Tanka) 9/13/2013
40. Through God All Is Possible (Tanka) 9/13/2013

Comments about Edwin Tanguma

  • Edwin Tanguma (9/18/2015 10:36:00 PM)

    Blu 1 Blu 1 is another screen name I use on this site... lol

    Ed T

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  • Edwin Tanguma (9/18/2015 10:34:00 PM)

    If you would like to read more Tatiana... I have a few more poems under the name Blu 1 Blu 1 from Rio de Janeiro...

  • Tatiana Ortiz (5/13/2013 1:42:00 PM)

    I love your poems! I want to do a project about Mr.Tanguma but i cant find anything about him. I need to a bibliography and I need a picture. Please help me! !

Best Poem of Edwin Tanguma

Amo A Dios (Spanish Haiku)

Amo a Dios
Con todo mi Corazon
Es mi salvacion

Read the full of Amo A Dios (Spanish Haiku)

Well Pardon The Pun

Well Pardon The Pun

Shiver me timbers
Call me captain mate
Pillage and plunder
More pieces of eight

Gather the booty
And scuttle the ship

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