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When the head of warrior were called
The axes must be strike
Iku Ooo!
Author and finisher of the grave

Darkness is all over the shadow
Loneliness ice my heart
Pleasant days and nights no more
Heart cries header and header

Sun turned to darkness, moon to blood,
Sun climbed into the sky and first star flamed above,
Flapped away into the blackness.
Hark to the voice of nature crying

Am an African boy,
Where culture is like water
Drunk by every human being.
Where judgment is like a mirror,

Blissful whispers flow all over in the air
Glide towards galaxies of celestial moonlight
That come like a daemon through the moon mist
Watery moonlight trickled through the trees and splashed her face.

The era of fear and turmoil is being
Legendary assassin called death,
From the darkness he was calmness

Her voice lifted souls,
She has beauty fair skin
That can candidly make men to sin.
Her luscious lips make my heart fly,

First time i sighted My eyes on her, She looked like a site that cite good example to me.
Her love to me started
Like little dropp of water,
Little grain of sand,

Bum! Bum! Bum!
Sound of war
it's like the roaring of a lion

I saw the love when my heart is pumping,
Walks as if she is hooting.
Walks on storm and sea.
Her face full of glimpses of the moon,

Men in black
Bitterness in their bank
Store jasper in the bank
Utter in reek

Love is painful
When i remember my love
It turned me to dove
And make me to fool

I remember when green blood is passing through her vain,
She was fully stained
The dilemma in her womb,
She passed the passage of pain.

Kisses on the royal balcony
Hold my hand when cold decend on me
In the prenst of cherub she kiss me
As the sparrow eagle, and the hare to lion,

Heart stands on field of zero,
Sweet agony keep my company
And darken soul is the father of my the day.

Lion in a cage
Flies his wings in his age
Display his heart on stage
Make the cosmos to change

The ghoul ghost
That hold the host
And also hurt in hut
Flash in flat.

You said my shadow
Makes you follow,
Am her health when you are dizzy
When i click she always busy,

Acoustic from her heart shows from her lips
Smile that speaks millions of reasons.
Her sooth-lips mirrored vision
Clear luminous like light sparkle.

Ejalonibu Abraham Biography

Am Ejalonibu Abraham, am 23-year-old boy, am native of Osun state but living at Ibadan. I went to Life-Line in my primary school, Loyola college in my secondary school day. I finished my secondary 2007. Am studing LLB LAW in National Open University Of Nigeria.)

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Iku Ooo!

When the head of warrior were called
The axes must be strike
Iku Ooo!
Author and finisher of the grave
The god-father of wilderness.
His voice truly intimidating
When he roars, silence goes to the wilderness
Voice sound like thundercap had shattered the calm of the sky.
Eyes are like serving-dishes
And like fierce of fire,
Teeth were like a lion's fangs and crimson red.

Iku Ooo!
He builds his house on flesh
Decorated with pillar of bones,
The advocate of OLODUMARE.
His action turn to tear
Making yam become ashes
after the yam roster.
He does not enjoy pounded yam nor he eats banana,
He has no taste for okra or vegetable,
But he loves human flesh more than anything else in the world.

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