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When am unable to sleep
She appears to me
Less clear than before
Like fading breath on a window pane
With threadbare lips n a teasing wink
She speaks of half forgotten memories
Neglecting n loneliness
And the details ah blurred with a
Thousand tiny pin-prick lies.
Like spider web in the Palm of her hands
I can never quite make it out
Bt i know shes saying the tins she said befor
I choose not to believe:
Its just a harsh reminder of
A broken heart and slow falling tears
She presents to me tempting lips n lustful eyes
I was not moved
And as i open my eyes
She disappeared
But the memory lives on, forever

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kaden 22 September 2021

when was this guy born

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Mykel 15 May 2020

I hate the fact I love your poems. Danm, it's so captivating????

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